Corrections to Jail Convicting: Sentencing Policies and Regulations - Essay Example

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The writer of the essay "Corrections to Jail Convicting: Sentencing Policies and Regulations" would examine the process of federal corrections implementations in jails and prisons. Furthermore, the essay would shed a light on formin such corrections to existing statutes…
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Corrections to Jail Convicting: Sentencing Policies and Regulations
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Download file to see previous pages The convict is given the power to dictate his/her release date by showing levels of rehabilitation and release is pegged on confirmation by parole officials. However, in both sentencing tactics, the judge must abide by the sentencing laws and not go above or below them (Welch, p.88). 2. Sentencing guidelines entail focusing on the gravity of the crime committed and the defendant’s criminal history before the determination of the length of sentencing. This system affords a judge the chance to reconsider the sentence imposed by either reducing or lengthening it when necessitated. Sentencing guidelines in indeterminate sentencing entail parole issuance, but the judge is given an opportunity to determine the appropriate sentence length. Indeterminate sentencing, sentencing guidelines afford the judge the mandate to set fixed sentences. Voluntary sentencing guidelines entail states issuing suggestive sentences to judges but do not require their use. Presumptive sentencing guidelines require judges to pronounce sentences that are already predetermined for all crimes. Mitigating circumstances refer to conditions that call for lighter sentencing compared to what is required under sentencing guidelines. While the circumstances do not exonerate the defendant from the crime, they give judges leeway to consider the crime, defendant, and victim in full milieu such as the defendant’s state of mind (Welch, p. 97). ...
Mandatory sentencing, on the other hand, is a term used to refer to the creation of set prison sentences for certain crimes in an effort to reduce the occurrence of such crimes. Mandatory sentencing is often used for violent crimes and repeat offenders. 3. Sentencing policies such as sentencing length, institutional or community punishment and outcome have substantial impacts on corrections. Length and outcomes of sentencing directly affect the rehabilitation of offenders. Sentencing disparities are witnessed when different sentences and lengths are given for similar crimes. These disparities adversely affect the correction of offenders, as well as their rehabilitation (Welch, p.110). 4. A presentence investigation (PSI) is the complication of information of a convicted defendant done by a probation officer. PSI is used to compile a presentence investigation report, which shows the convicted defendant’s prior record, personal history, and family history. PSI is used by judges in deciding sentences for adult felony cases, and assist guards in commanding offenders within correctional facilities. 5. Reducing sentence time is important in creating space for more convicts. Pretrial jail time is a viable way of reducing sentence time as time spent in pretrial detention is reduced from overall sentence time. Another measure of reducing sentence time is a good time. A good time is a measure used to reduce sentence time as a result of statutory provisions (statutory good time) or the offender’s amiable behavior (earned good time) or conduct of extra work. Concurrent sentencing whereby a convict serves more than one sentence at a time is also a viable method of reducing the overall sentence time for all crimes. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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