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Health And Safety At Work - Essay Example

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The paper "Health And Safety At Work" describes ensuring the health and safety of employees is the primary responsibility of every organization that respects human rights and well-being. It was initially common for employers to ignore the injuries sustained by employees during their service…
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Health And Safety At Work
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Download file to see previous pages The injury suffered by the three-year-old child called K involved him hitting his head on the bottom stairs and developing complications that eventually led to his death. Upon litigation, the school authority developed defense mechanism that though the entire school was rugged and had steps leading to classes, there was an ‘out of bound’ sign at the place where K injured. Another defense was that such accidents had never occurred since the inception of the school in 1930 because every act of the children had been under the supervision of experienced teachers. The prosecutor tried to convince the court that the defendant, which was the school failed to perform its duties of supervising the children while out for break even. The prosecution also pointed out that indication of “out of bound” sign in the region of the accident was lacking the support of the clause ‘reasonably practicable’. This is because the school had assessed the risks attached to that region but failed to set fence or hindrance mechanisms against access to the point. After examination of witnesses and inspection of the region of the accident alongside scrutinizing injury records of the school, it became evident that Hillgrove School had great cognition for safety than any other neighboring school. Thus, the jury concluded that the occurrence of the accident in that particular region was unforeseeable noting that there were evident steps by the school to enforce practicable efforts towards risk aversion. Another case involving place of work injury circulated between Mr. Shaun Riley and Chargot limited in 2008. In this case, Mr. Riley sustained fatal injury while driving a dumper truck belonging to Chargot Limited (Horlock & Snarr 2009, 390). This case also involved other appellants among them, Ruttle Contracting Limited who was the principle contractor in the site and George Henry Ruttle, the director of Chargot Limited and ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Health And Safety at Work

...? Health and Safety at Work: Risk Assessment s Introduction Health and safety at work is an issue of priority not as a requirement of the law but because the circumstances under which a work is done defines the amount and value of output. Health at work also referred to as occupational health, is defined as the provision of an environment free from physical, social and mental distraction at work. It involves availing good hygiene, fitness facilities gym, and proper sanitation. Safety at work requires that employees are...
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...?Law of Health and Safety at Work Introduction In order to advice Mathews in respect of his rights against the corporate firm for the psychiatric injuries sustained by him, the issues to be considered are enumerated in the sequel. First, whether commercial law firm is in breach of any rights awarded to employees by the employment law. Second, whether the psychological injury suffered by Mathews can be the basis of a claim for stress related injury at work. Third, whether the company is criminally liable for the losses suffered by Mathews due to having worked continuously for extended periods. According to the provisions of the common law, employers are required to safeguard the physical and psychological health of their employees... between...
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...? HEALTH AND SAFETY AT WORK: COMPANY RISK ASSESSMENT of 20 March Summary To be competitive and successful in business, an organization has to be concerned of the health and safety of its workers. Focusing on the health and safety of workers is also one way of minimizing or avoiding possible problems in the future. This paper covers many areas of discussion but the primary concern here is on health and safety of workers, including UK legislation, practices, risk assessment, and workers’ experiences on health and safety. We are also providing a special...
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...College: Managing Health and Safety at work A review of my role as a community care supervisor and responsibilities in relation to health, safety welfare and environment protection at work The pieces of legislation relating to health, safety and welfare relevant to my workplace include: The Health and Safety at Work Act (1974) this is the main piece of legislation which affects the management of health and safety in educational establishments across all sectors. The Act establishes a framework for ensuring the...
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...of the notifications are given to the department via email notifications and phone calls directly. So there is a strictness to check the emails notifications daily so that every person must be updated with the current situation regularly. 4) FAX: - If there is a meeting or any negotiations or problems that need the communication with other department, then there is a three way communication procedure that includes fax along with telephone and email notification. 5) VERBAL: - Also there is a way communication by the direct boss to the employee verbally if he or she has to notify something or there is any important issue that needs discussion. HASAWA IMPLEMENTATION:- Health and Safety at...
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...180852 Unlike in olden and medieval days, every kind of employment including agriculture and small industries, cottage industries etc. come under the protective arms of industrial, labour, employment acts and today, dismissal, reprimanding and discriminations are guarded by the Courts of Law and rightly so. In that direction, The Health and Safety at Work Act of 1974, with many more modifications that followed, is a huge step towards more protection, safety and security. Making the employer responsible for the safety of the employee has reaped results as the employer is careful not to supply faulty material to use and endanger the life of the employee, or...
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...Health And Safety At Work Activity 1: Task 1a. Derived from the Health and Safety at Work, etc. Act 1974 and the Management of Health and Safety at Work Regulations 1999 (Dept. of Education, 2010), the following is an example of three guidelines related to school health and safety. 1. “Pupils are protected by the duties imposed because they are affected by an employer’s undertaking or are using school premises. The legislation requires employers to assess and manage risk and is usually enforced by the Health and Safety...
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