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Financial Services Ombudsman - Essay Example

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Financial Services Ombudsman Insert Name University Date: Part One An Ombudsman scheme is a service that helps look into complaints lodge against an organization. By using this scheme, an individual tries to resolve disputes without necessarily having to go to court…
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Financial Services Ombudsman
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Download file to see previous pages There are therefore, a number of Ombudsmen that exist in UK which includes, parliamentary and health services Ombudsman, financial Ombudsman, local government Ombudsman, European Ombudsman, legal Ombudsman, housing Ombudsman, prisons and prohibition Ombudsman, and property Ombudsman. Often than not before lodging a complaint with the Ombudsman, one has to make that complaint to the organization in the first place. In the event the Ombudsman reaches into a conclusion that the compliant by the individual is justified, they make recommendations on what the respondent organization should undertake to resolve the dispute. It should however be noted that the Ombudsman does not have the power to impose or force the organization to implement its recommendations even though more often than not, their recommendations are implemented. The main objective of an Ombudsman scheme is to investigate into cases of maladministration, and as such, the methods undertaken by an organization in an attempt to reach a decision or deal with a given situation. Instances of organization maladministration may include: delay in taking action or even total failure to take any action, giving misleading or wrong information, rudeness, failure of an organization to follow its own procedures or policies, and an organization treating some individual in an unfair manner compared to other individuals. It is the role of Ombudsman UK to institute investigations as well as settle complaints involving individual and organizations or even government bodies. Additionally, the Ombudsman encourages better practices in organizations when handling complaints. In instances such as those mentioned, the Ombudsman only investigates cases in which a person has suffered individual hardship, financial loss or injustice following the act or omission of the respondent organization. Usually the Ombudsman does not engage itself in investigating decision taken by an organizing for the sole reason that the complainant is not in agreement with it. It follows therefore that, for a person to successfully lodge a complaint with the Ombudsman scheme, the person must have given the concerned organization, a chance to comment on the lodged complaint as well as settle any problems. It is very unlikely that an Ombudsman will investigate a case which is in the verge of going to court or a case in which court proceedings have already commenced. Actually, many at times an Ombudsman does not engage into cases or complaints that could as well be tackled by a tribunal or a court. An Ombudsman has a time limit within which a complainant can approach it to lodge his or her complaint. This time limit is usually six to twelve months if a compliant exceed that time limit then the Ombudsman is not left with no option but to reject the compliant. It is pertinent to mention that Ombudsman do not offer advice, and therefore it is important to seek independent advice in order to make an informed decision before lodging a complaint with the Ombudsman. It is possible that there may be other alternatives, such as making an application to court or going to a tribunal. It is important ant to not the procedure through which a person may lodge a complaint to the Ombudsman. This is because the procedure used by the Ombudsman to initiate an investigation into a complaint is greatly dependent on which of the various ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Financial Services Ombudsman Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2250 Words.
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