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CASE STUDY MOD 5 Name Tutor College Course Date Question 1 There are a lot of unintended consequences that may come due to new officers being assigned to new locations which are considered more professional and transferring unproductive officers to other locations…
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Case Study mod 5
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CASE STUDY MOD 5 College Question There are a lot of unintended consequences that may come due to new officers being assigned to new locations which are considered more professional and transferring unproductive officers to other locations. The districts where the unproductive officers are taken will have a lot of negative impact. Due to laxity there is a possibility of an increased crime rate in these districts, this is because of the nature of the officers when it comes to fulfilling their duties. When it comes to assigning new officers in only productive districts, the district will not be able to achieve their goals because the officers lack experience. The officers are however expected to be productive after getting experience because of lack of negative influence from the unproductive officers. The district which has a high number of unproductive officers is also expected not to be able to achieve their objectives due to laxity from the officers. Their leaders are also expected to become unproductive due to the pressure they have from their members of staff who do not give their best to the work that they are given. Question 3 The public embarrassment that district 4 saw is a way that might cause change to occur in the district. The command officer, who was the centre of al the embarrassment, has to find all possible ways to make up for his embarrassment. The other officers who are under the command officer of district 4 are also going to change so as not to offend their boss. The one lesson that the command officer has learnt is how to set goals. With this he is going to have to set goals the same way that the other three districts have done. With these he is also expected to have a strategy to help him and the other officers in fulfilling the set goals. Therefore the public embarrassment that district 4 saw is a way that will help them move forward. It is also possible that the command officer will have realize the importance of setting goals from this embarrassment and try his best to do the best so that the next time they meet, he would not have to undergo the same embarrassment that he has seen. Question 4 Without achieving set goals, compstat is of very little value. The setting of goals is seen as a positive move, since the members are able to know the direction that they are heading to. However if these goals are not achieved, then the long term goal of compstat cannot be realized. Realization of goals that are set is also important for the setting of new goals and forgetting about the once that had been set before. If the goals are not met then it means that more time would still be spent trying to realize the past goals and little or no concentration will be set aside to set new goals. The other effect of not achieving goals on the realization of the long term goal on compstat is the prolonging of the time that is needed for full realization of compstat. This prolonging of time is due to the amount of time that is needed to implement each set goal. The advice that chief Boulder should give to the three districts is that they should try to work on the realization of the set goals rather than spending a lot of time setting goals. They should also set goals that they can achieve and not goals that achieving is almost impossible. They should also know how to estimate the time that they require to achieve these goals. It is not a good idea to give time that they know is impossible to achieve all the goals that they have set. The command officer should also make sure that every officer under him fully understands the goals that have been set for them and that they work towards achieving these goals. Reference Denison, D. R. (2001). Managing organizational change in transition economies. Mahwah, N.J: L. Erlbaum. Read More
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