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Relation between Electronic Media and Crime by Kids - Research Paper Example

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Those who are against this debate argue that there is no any concentrate relationship between crimes committed by kids and the programs they watch. The above discussions are facts of such crimes that have been committed as a result of being inspired by the television and the debate will still continue. …
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Relation between Electronic Media and Crime by Kids
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Download file to see previous pages The range of media by which children have access to has tremendously increased to date. Take the example of books, magazines, radio, and films and add the dozen of cable Ers', video games and millions of internet sites that children have access to; the big question is to do these entertainment gargets have a hand in what is seen as increased criminal activities in our societies today as compared to the times of previous generations. The truth is a dense electronic bath in which children are immersed to today have increased not only in industrialized countries, but also other societies of the world (American Psychological Association, 2002). The nation’s main concern is a bout the content and its impact to the society, and whether there is a relationship between the content children receive from the media and in particular television programs and the way children grow up to behave as responsible adults. The answer is definitely, yes.
A recent study indicates that 93 percent of children who live in electrified urban centers and rural areas do have access to television sets (American Psychological Association, 2002). This is 50 percent more than those who live in areas with out electricity. Importantly, these children in urban areas do spend on average of three hours in a day watching television programs. The question is does that account for the high level of crimes in these particular areas as compared to areas where children do not have access to television sets? Shockingly, children are exposed to high levels of violent images on daily basis with many countries accounting for an average of five to ten aggressive acts per hour (American Psychological Association, 2002). ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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