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Voter ID for Polling - Research Paper Example

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Each time the nation goes for election, electorate carry their voting cards to the polling stations to vote. The campaigns that politicians hold are dedicated by the voting pattern that people take at the end of the campaign period. …
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Voter ID for Polling
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Download file to see previous pages Largely, legislation guiding the voting process sets some requirements that a voter must meet. It is quite for a voter to show up at a voting station without these requirements. The legislation provides sanity in the election process thereby promoting transparency and accountability. America states have voting rules or laws, which define the election process. Each state has its laws, which it has enacted to guide the election process. The use of Voter ID in the voting process is a legal requirement by the laws of some states in America. Voters have the mandate of acquiring the Voter ID at the stipulated time before the electioneering period.
Voter registration and verification is an important exercise that involves all those people who are willing to cast their votes (Schmidt, et. al. 307). Enacting legislation to guide the election process has met protest of equal magnitude from citizens who feel that the voter requirement would lock many people out of the voting process. It is true that the people locked out of the voting process would not find an opportunity to make a decision on what kind of leadership they would like to rule their society. Voting is a vital process for each citizen because the choice that a citizen makes today would define the life the citizen would lead tomorrow. This reason has led to the criticism of the Voter ID requirement. Restrictive voter identification policies, such as, state issued photo ID cards, threaten to exclude millions of eligible voters who include poor, minorities, elderly, handicap among others. State governors, led by Republican state governors promote the Voter ID policies.
States in America have adopted new voter law, which aim at restricting voting procedures in the states. The law stipulates that voters must produce government ID photo, proof of citizens, and other related government documents. Many Americans do not have all or some of these documents, yet they need to vote in order to shape their destiny. Reaction by different wings in the political divide has led to filling of lawsuits, which would lead unraveling of stagnation of the voters’ right. Elderly people, students, women, people who are under the low-income bracket, people with disabilities, and the color may not vote. The law threatens the right of this group because of the strict conditions that it poses to them. The move adopted by many states in America to adopt strict voter laws has led to protest from civil right movements and the democrats. Many street protests indicate that many people feel that the laws are repugnant to the electioneering process sometimes in 2012. Election is the pillar of democracy in America and any thing that seems to tamper with the election process draws criticism from all the political wings (Griffith 227). Senior election analyst, Jennie Bowser comments that American people believe that election is the root of American democracy. Some Americans feel that the rights to vote in America are under attack following the new voter regulation policies. It is worth noting that the freedom that American enjoys is a result of voting freedom that they have. Voting has been a tool of changing and shaping leadership in the United States. The role of voting in the American society is clear to every American citizen. A society without laws does not respect the opinion of the society. The laws provide a framework that lays the procedures of handling things. In the like manner, the electoral laws provide a guide to the society in order to promote accountability and transparency. The fear that electorate have over the new laws have some grounds because some people are likely to remain out of the process because of the restrictive laws. Laws are useful in the society, but would be havoc if they lead to ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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