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The Importance of Vehicle Safety in the Contemporary Period - Research Paper Example

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From the paper "The Importance of Vehicle Safety in the Contemporary Period" it is clear that when a driver has to cover a long journey especially in the night, it is imperative that somebody engages him in the conversation. Drivers have a lot of tendencies to fall asleep while driving in the night…
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The Importance of Vehicle Safety in the Contemporary Period
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Download file to see previous pages Drunk driving is forbidden in most of the countries across the world owing to its immense potential to cause harm not only to the drunk driver but also to the other drivers and passers-by. When an individual is drunk, he/she loses the consciousness level that is required to drive prudently. Overcome with emotions and sleepiness, the individual takes sharp turns and drives at a very fast speed. Many people tend to drive after drinking thinking that they are too trained to be caught in an accident. A vast majority of the drunk drivers are quite expert at driving, but when the individual is not fully conscious, the driving skill becomes a secondary factor. What the driver primarily requires is control over the senses. A drunk driver does not even realize when he/she sped up more than necessary, and in the very moment, was caught in the accident.
Wearing a seat belt seems a formality to a lot of drivers and many consider it too simple a protective measure to be efficient, though it is a fundamental necessity of driving. The seat belt is a shock absorber. It holds the driver back and keeps the head from smashing against the front mirror or the steering in the instant when the car suddenly strikes against something or is caught in an accident. Whenever a car suddenly stops, the lower part of the body stops with it while the upper part keeps moving at the same speed due to inertia. Thus, drivers that do not wear the seat belt get their heads crashed while the lower part of the body remains intact. But since the head is wounded, it means the brain is wounded. The human brain is amongst the most sensitive body organs and is of prime importance since it controls the body functions. Any damage to the brain cannot be sustained by the body. This is the reason why a vast majority of the drivers getting wounds in the head died at the spot. Thus, wearing a safety belt while driving is a must.  ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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