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Catch me if you can - Essay Example

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[Professor Name] [Course Number] [Professor Name] [Date] Catch Me If You Can – Relates to Business Law Class Catch Me If You Can is an American comedy drama movie released in2002. The movie has been directed by Steven Spielberg whereas the lead role was performed by Leonardo DiCaprio…
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Catch me if you can
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Download file to see previous pages The movie became very popular and was highly appraised by the critics and general public. The movie portrayed the biographical account of Abagnale so skilfully that he also reacted very positively towards the movie (Abagnale, et al, p165). The movie tells the miseries and inner struggle of the children of the broken house and somehow attempts to create sympathetic attitude towards a crook. The director insists that one must look at the genius side of the criminal however, he clarifies that he never meant to influence the career decisions of people by showing them a way. The movie tells about the gifted skills and confidence of a person who successfully played different roles and people failed to realize his tricks until he grabbed millions of dollars from them. His experiences allow him learning how to become a master forger by using his talent and skills (Spielberg et al, p85). The movie beautifully and attractively depicts the true story of Abagnale who currently works as a consultant on preventing forgery and has assist the authorities in designing secure checking system so that the cases of false identify based fraud and other crimes could be prevented. FBI Agent Carl Hanratty realized that rather putting him in jail for his frauds it would be better to use his talent and skills for the prevention of the crimes and in this way he used his capabilities to overall good of the society. The movie talks about different ways through which a person could take advantages of the flaws in the security and operating system of organizations and society and could steal money from the people. The movie is directly related with the business law because it talks about the ways a person broke the laws in the corporate world and later became helping hand to prevent such incidents on the basis of his deep observations and skills. He spent less than five years in the jail and was released in the condition to help federal authorities in fighting against the frauds and scam artists (Abagnale and Redding, et al, p165) The business laws and cases also inform about the situations where any person could find a way to commit fraud. The law clearly talks about the people involved in the monitory frauds through false identities (Frank et al, p148). There are different punishments decided for such people based upon the level and severity of their fraud. However, the law also allows the authorities to decide if they can also make positive use of the talent and skills of the forger through agreement that they will help the authorities in fighting against crime and will use their skills in constructive manner to prevent crime rather becoming part of a fraud (Spielberg et al, p85). The movie indicates the need of making business laws more strict and flawless so that the people having the skills of taking up false identities could not become successful in deceiving the authorities and general public. The movie tells the true tale of a person and gives lesson to the general public, corporates and authorities that there is possibility of occurrence of such crimes around them so it is very important to remain careful in checking the identities of the people so that anyone could not betray their confidence by playing false identity (Spielberg et al, p85). The movie is directly connected with the matters related with business laws and affirms that there is need of updating the business laws regularly so that no one can find an open door left behind to enter the ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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