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Investigation and Apprehension of Offenders - Research Paper Example

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Investigation and Apprehension of Offenders Name: Instructor: Task: Date: Investigation and Apprehension of Offenders Introduction Investigations that address criminal offenses aligned to property theft have expanded significantly. Furthermore, undercover investigators also expand their operational tactics to heighten their opportunities for arresting certain criminals that would otherwise commit transgressions without punishment…
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Investigation and Apprehension of Offenders
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Download file to see previous pages Furthermore, it discusses the effectiveness of sting operations by considering the factors, which indicate that a case is resolved. Sting Operations use at the BPD The BPD adopts sting operations upon reviewing the findings proposed by Dr. Langworthy because of the significance of the tactic in addressing criminal dealings in the area. The application of sting operations necessitates the department to establish an implementation policy (Stojkovic, Kalinich & Klofas, 2007). Furthermore, the BPD needs to appraise and determine diverse practices basing on the objectives and logistics for completing such operations. The department potential goals of employing sting operations entail determining its usefulness in reducing crime levels. The department also focuses on approximating the potential number of offenders who can be arrested using the tactic (Stojkovic, Kalinich & Klofas, 2007). Finally, applying this tactic allows the department to decide on public participation opportunities in assisting the force in dealing with unlawful activities. The development of an operation implementation formula requires the department to determine the necessary inputs that facilitate its effectiveness. These inputs would include finances that the department uses in advancing sting operations. The tactic requires massive budgeting to cater for the property displayed on storefronts and finances used for purchasing other entrapment items (Lynch & Lynch, 2005). The department also requires investigative personnel as input into the operations. These will include trained officers that possess the acumen to sting criminals. Other inputs also include apparatus and buildings that undercover officers utilize in executing their investigative duties. These inputs are significant because they make it simple to acquire credible evidence that makes prosecution easier (Lynch & Lynch, 2005). This is because aspects of such proofs contain factors that indicate a case is solved by offering prima facie substantiation. The activities undertaken during sting operations also form a crucial component of the policy. These activities would entail well-designed operations such as installing items for ensnaring wrongdoers. The activities also include personnel working as salespersons or buyers of certain property (Lynch & Lynch, 2005). The personnel also execute patrolling initiatives for purposes of finding wrongdoers undertaking outlawed activities. Undertaking the activities take place through a combination of inputs that consequently leads to attaining outcomes. Sting operations also generate outputs that indicate the results of utilizing inputs in completing certain activities. Investigators outputs may entail the escalated arrests that take place during operations (Lynch & Lynch, 2005). Furthermore, taking away criminals property, stolen goods, and commercial licenses also forms outputs. The property that investigators obtain from wrongdoers is proofs that such people undertake unlawful activities. It is paramount to insinuate that such property finds use during prosecution and contains aspects that connote a case is solved. Other outputs also include videos recorded ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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