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State Correction System - Essay Example

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The paper “State Corrections System” focuses on the goals of community-based corrections system, whish are no different from that of institutional corrections system. However, community-based corrections enforce punishments outside of traditional correctional facilities…
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State Correction System
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Download file to see previous pages A community-based corrections system aims to protect the public through effective control of the offender while he is serving his sentence effected through an accurate evaluation of the risks involved in allowing such offender to participate in community activities as well as ensuring effective monitoring and control by officers tasked to supervise the offender while he is serving his sentence. The goal of rehabilitation is made effective through ‘programming’ the offender, which is the process of helping him to reduce his criminal behavior. This can only be done, however, if such offender truly wants to change and accepts help from others. On the other hand, restorative justice, another goal of community based corrections system, is achieved by making the offender perform community service and participate in educational programs where he is made to see the perspectives of victims. Finally, shaming, which is akin to the scarlet-letter punishment employed by the Puritan society, is done by making the offender accept and apologize for his acts publicly. The objective is evidently to deter the offender from committing a similar act in the future (Alarid & del Carmen pp. ...
ISP is conducted on offenders who are considered high risk. Intensive surveillance of the offender’s activities coupled with the use of such monitoring systems as Home Electronic Monitoring, telephone, curfews, and home and employment checks are the standard ISP mechanisms used by the Virginia DOC. High risk offenders include sex predators, hate group offenders and those who have graduated from community corrections. HEM, which is a separate program, employs either a tamper-resistant electronic transmitter strapped to the ankle of the offender or a field monitoring device. A $30 fee is assessed from offenders who are made to use a HEM. CRPs make use of transitional residential centers to temporarily house offenders under supervision where they undergo supervised housing, random urinalysis, testing, life skills and counseling. Offenders pay for their board and lodging. Diversion centers emphasize work and offenders are given jobs in public works and in prison complexes. They also receive counseling and related programs. Detention centers is a program that takes about 5 to 7 months consisting of military drills and discipline, strict hygiene, and where detainees are made to undergo physical labor. A DSAT consists of substance abuse screening, assessment, testing and treatment. Meanwhile, Virginia’s Sex Offender Supervision program requires certain offenders to register in a registry created for that purpose. The program also includes intense supervision, treatment and subjecting offenders to polygraph tests ( 2011). ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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