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Policy Brief Addressing The Issue Of Offender Recidivism - Essay Example

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An author of the present essay suggests that in order to sufficiently curb crime, there is need for the State legislature of Arizona to adopt policies that will prevent offender recidivism. Thus, the paper will examine the policy brief addressing the issue of offender recidivism. …
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Policy Brief Addressing The Issue Of Offender Recidivism
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Extract of sample "Policy Brief Addressing The Issue Of Offender Recidivism"

Download file to see previous pages It has been noted that there is a widespread inequality in the treatment of people in various institutions including the courts. There are allegations and reports that the minorities are being treated more strictly by court officials than the whites. They tend to receive harsher treatment for their crimes, are believed to be more predisposed to crimes and are likely to re-offend, especially the youths. Bridges and Steen (1998) explain that the perceptions of court officials towards the various categories of youths based on racial backgrounds influence their assessment of these youths. This impairs their ability to correctly assess the dangerousness of these youths.
Although there is high rate of recidivism among the racial minorities especially the blacks, it should also be noted that it has turned into a stereotype. This can foster unequal treatment of white and minority offenders in dealing with criminal and juvenile cases and the administration of justice. Consequently, it can trigger high offense and re-offense rates among the blacks as a reaction to the unfair perception given to them and the racial unfairness they witness in courts. It also opens a loop for recidivism by white offenders since they are not likely to receive a harsh treatment for their crimes.
Drug offense is the main cause of rise in prison population in the United States. The percentage of people imprisoned for drug offenses has also risen dramatically and a high population of re-offenders is drug offenders. Spohn and Holleran (2002) state that people will keep way from crimes if they are sure to receive a severe penalty and immediately they commit the crime. People also commit crimes if the benefits obtained from them are higher than the costs. The state therefore needs prescribe tough disciplinary measures for drug offenders such as long prison sentences to deter the present and prospective drug offenders. This will make the cost of offending to be higher than the benefits received from the crime. The state should also remove fines levied on drug offenders because they could pay the fine from proceeds from the same crimes
Administration of tough legal measures in based on severity of crime and past criminal record
If people who find their way back to the prison for a second time receive a harsher punishment than first time offenders of the same crime, more offenders will be discouraged from reoffending. When administering the harsher punishment, considerations should not be ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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