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Analyze Possible Problems Associated with Reintegration after Prisonization - Research Paper Example

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Running head: PROBLEMS RELATED TO REINTEGRATION AFTER PRISONIZATION Problems Related with Reintegration after Prisonization I. Introduction II. Crimes and Punishments : A concise statement of the history of crimes and punishments, the change of governing bodies of law and order like the church courts and the manor courts in the olden times to county courts and high courts in the 21st century, keeping England as one of the earliest civilized societies, as the base over which the study is based…
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Analyze Possible Problems Associated with Reintegration after Prisonization
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Download file to see previous pages ii) Evaluation – A summary of the obstacles in the path of rehabilitation of the ex-prisoners, convicted of petty crimes like stealing, larceny, etc. iii) Recommendations - The various methods by which criminals can be corrected and their participation as a part of the society can be improved on. B. Grave Crimes: Incidences and corresponding punishments to graver crimes like murder or manslaughter is discussed. i) Biblical Explanation – Graver crimes like homicide is interpreted in the light of the views in the Bible. Murder entitles the death penalty but there is always the scope of pardon, evident from the biblical story of ‘Cain and Abel’. ii) Evaluation - An analysis of the actual factors that leads normal individuals to turn into hardened criminals and solutions to those problems. iii) Recommendations – Methods of correction for criminals convicted of grave crimes like, murder. III. Economic Perspective : The possible contribution of the rehabilitated convicts to the growth of economy and national income generation. Also, their economic contribution to community services and welfare activities is analyzed. IV. Conclusion : A summary of the process of rehabilitation of ex-convicts and reintegrating them into the society. V. References Abstract The study of the possible problems in the reintegration of the imprisoned into the civil society reveals the complexities that exist in this case. The embarrassment faced by an ex-convict to face society, in the aftermath of his sentence, is a very sensitive issue and hence, should be handled with the utmost kindness and caution. Generosity of heart, in this respect, may reap huge dividends and solve the problems that cannot be solved by a harsher treatment of criminals. If anything, injudicious punishments can actually cause more crimes than solve them as is evident from studying the upsurge of terrorism in various nations. A person who had committed a crime should not be treated as an outcast throughout his life and the society, as a whole, should strive to be less judgmental and hypocritical. Economically, the study shows the benefits in GDP creation that can be accrued if the these imprisonized population is converted into an active workforce, consistently contributing to National Income. This is a section of huge untapped labor power that can find employment in the informal sector and must be fully utilized for optimum growth of the economy. Prisons are considered to be the god-forsaken margins of a society, both from a rigid Christian point of view as well as a general one. To survive in these pockets of crime, malice and violence, an individual has to transform oneself completely, psychologically and physically. No matter how normal or innocent, a person is compelled to develop certain skills and attributes that are “considered highly dysfunctional in free society” (Marlow, 2008, p.42). Since these sites are infested with mutual mistrust, isolation from the society at large, dependence on the institution and an ever-dangling danger of bloodshed, a person may feel limited, humiliated, and extremely deprived. This makes a dent on his persona indefinitely and poses as a problem in the path of reintegration into the society. Hence, proper and efficient programs must ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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