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Criminal Justice Agency Interventions with Female Offenders - Essay Example

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Running head: CRIMINAL JUSTICE AGENCY INTERVENTIONS Criminal Justice Agency Interventions Insert Name Insert Grade Course Insert 16 July 2011 Criminal Justice Agency Interventions with Female Offenders Introduction Criminal offenses are common scenario in different societies…
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Criminal Justice Agency Interventions with Female Offenders
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Download file to see previous pages However, in the recent past, there has been an increasing proportion of female offenders, especially the female sex offenders. Unlike the traditional perception that females had motherly love to nurture the males and children, it is shocking to note that an increasing proportion of females sexually abuse other females, males, and children in the contemporary society. The types of sexual abuse are numerous and vary with different situations. The reasons that lead to the increase in such practices among the females are also not very clear. Besides, there is a high possibility that much of the sex-related crimes are not reported to the criminal justice agencies. These are, thus, not included in the estimates by the criminal justice agencies. It is likely that many victims of sexual abuse suffer silently without seeking the help of the authority. Over the years, various states have enacted criminal laws to protect those that are vulnerable to the criminal malpractices from the perpetrators. The laws require that justice prevail and that the criminals be punished for their wrong deeds. However, there is an increasing concern that the some of the criminals do receive more punishment than they deserve. There are certain adverse consequences that the criminals face following the provisions of the law that may not serve to correct their behaviors as required. Besides, the poor perceptions that the public have on the criminals following a given offense often do not allow the victims to transform into respectable members of the society. For instance, a woman that has committed a sexual offense to various individuals in the society may be viewed by the pubic as having a unique character compared to a male counterpart who has committed the same. Importance of recognizing “What works” and “gender responsive” camp in intervening with female offenders An effective criminal justice system involves the cooperation between the government agencies and other actors like the community to ensure that the members of a given society are protected from criminal activities. Such a system ensures that justice is practiced in handling the criminals and the victims of the crimes. The criminal justice agencies promote social development in the society by alleviating criminal activities and subjecting the lawbreakers to the appropriate penalties. Different reasons could lead to one committing a criminal offense. This could be seen in the kinds of crimes and the frequency with which an individual commits the same crime. Irrespective of these varied factors, it is desirable that the agencies transform the individuals back to responsible members of the society. The criminal laws provide for rehabilitation of the criminals and preventing the subsequent and successive crimes. The laws advocate for proportional punishment to the criminals that can transform them into respectable members of the society. Besides, the crime suspects should not be harassed in the process of criminal investigation and in prosecution as this may lead to a forced submission to the law order. The criminal laws prevent the criminal justice agencies to abuse the criminals and suspects of criminal offenses. There are literatures that focus on what works in relation to the correctional treatment provided to the offenders of different gender. Some literatures pointed out that females have special needs different from the needs of the males. These ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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