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In the paper “UF Admissions” the author explains the core skills and knowledge you hope to acquire by completing a degree and how to apply these when you graduate. He provides examples of information about himself that may help the college make an admission decision…
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UF Admissions
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UF Admissions What are the core skills and knowledge you hope to acquire by completing a degree in this major and how do you plan to apply these when you graduate?  Over the past year, I have absorbed a world of knowledge that lay within me, but had yet to reveal itself. Leaving the comforts of my hometown and moving ahead with my education in Gainesville opened my eyes to a world of new experiences. I enrolled as a student at Santa Fe College (it’s a community college in Gainesville) and became an Air Force Reserve Officer Training Corps cadet at Detachment 150 located on the University of Florida’s campus. The knowledge and skills I have gained from being both a student and a cadet have made me realize what I would like to do with my life. I chose Criminology as a major to pursue JAG (Judge Advocate General) in the United States Air Force to become an attorney. Choosing Criminology will allow me to become educated with how the criminal justice system functions. I believe that I can bring justice to the field of criminology bearing my experience in that particular field. I have been a part of the University of Florida previously through ROTC when I was able to attend a class and a lab in the campus. It was after this lecture that I decided to do criminology from the institute because of the prestigious faculty that it possesses. 2. Please provide any other information about yourself that you feel will help this college make an admission decision. This may include work, research, volunteer activities or other experiences pertaining to the degree program. Over the years I have worked as a volunteer and been involved in other activities which would prove to be helpful in varying conditions. I have volunteered as a worker at St. Francis House in Gainesville to help the homeless people cook. I have also worked in the Vibrant communities to plant gardens so that the environment is kept clean. I have also volunteered in the March of Dimes in Gainesville to know how the health of babies is being threatened. These different volunteering exhibits have helped me to know about different conditions that exist in the world. I have also taken part in extracurricular activities during my lifetime. I have been on the Billy Mitchell Drill Team which has helped me to learn more about discipline, obedience and team work. I have worked in the Arnold Air Society club as a volunteer to know more about the air force. These two activities have helped me to organize my behavior and use it efficiently whenever needed. I believe that I can use the skills and knowledge gained from these scenarios to further educate myself in the field of criminology. Read More
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