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Rising Violence in the Schools - Research Paper Example

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Rising Violence in Schools Name: University Introduction Public schools in the twenty-First Century have turned out to be very unsafe places – from elementary schools to campuses. This is because there are many incidences where children as young as ten and eleven have shocked many people by killing their teachers and fellow students in school…
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Rising Violence in the Schools
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Download file to see previous pages It emerges that murders in the school are claiming more lives per event although they are unusual occasions. The media have publicized these multiple-victim occasions and in some cases, they have exaggerated the events. As a result, there are changes in the public discernments of school security and in laws and strategies that affect the lives of children and youth every day. Due to the publicity of these events, many people have cited them as a foundation for school expulsion or labeling of youngsters. Consequently, this may cause unfavorable effects on their learning opportunities and perhaps on their social performance and personality development (Verlinden et al., 2000). Redding and Shalf (2001) argue that impressive school shooting occurrences have contributed to students and parents' declining sense of safety in the schools. More and more students have been feeling very insecure while at school or campus since 1989. Studies indicate that 4% of students fear that their fellow students might attack them on the way to or from school while 5% feel that other students might attack them while at school. ...
Kimmel and Mahler (2003) indicate that in spite of the notable similarities between the sexes on most violence occurrences, the most pigheaded gender disparity in aggression is the motivation to see it as a lawful means of resolving conflict and its real use. For instance, four times more adolescent boys than adolescent girls believe violence is suitable “when someone cuts to the front of a line.” Moreover, half of all adolescent boys engage in a physical fight each year. This is because they think that fighting is the best way of releasing hurt feelings and sentiments. Society laments over the unusual hostility of its children, while experts and parents strive to comprehend the causes of such deeds. In responding to the rash of school murders experts have endeavored to shape prospectively aggressive children psychologically. This would help teachers, experts and parents to recognize them before they instigate violence. Another response to the violence has been to typify the executors in a sociological framework to comprehend better the reasons for their anger (Lockwood, 2000). The consequential condition of fear in schools and campuses is having a great impact on the readiness and capacity of students to learn as well as employment and maintenance of teaching personnel. They also affect student rights to confidentiality, the emotional health of students and teachers, sincerity and openness of the campus and the general quality of the learning atmosphere. This has led to changes in school discipline strategies and processes, local and state laws as well as feelings and insights of youth and children concerning their security in school and in society in general (Verlinden et al, 2000). Causes of School Violence Gun control ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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