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Children and violence - Research Paper Example

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In as much as one can make attempts of being the best parent, this complex world typically presents challenges and disturbing issues which can prove to be quite difficult for…
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Children and violence
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Download file to see previous pages Nowadays, there is much concern on the incidents of violence among adolescents and children. This troubling and complex issue needs a deep understanding by teachers, parents, as well as other adults. Children, as young as those in preschool portray violent characteristics, possibly due to the violent surroundings they are exposed to. This presents a lot of challenges to the parents, teachers and the wider society. Thus, this essay will look into such challenges facing children, their effects and the solution to the violence crisis in the society.
The rising violence rates in most American cities show that most children are being raised in conditions known as “inner-city war zones” (Garbino, 1992). However, the violence problem is not limited to a particular group or community. Every child today is affected by this violence which pervades the contemporary society. Thus, a healthy progress of children in today’s world has been jeopardized.
The causes as well as effects of cases of violence in the society are complex just as they are interrelated; most violence arises from social prejudice common in the society. Key among the major contributors are unemployment, racism, poverty, substance abuse, guns proliferation, abusive parenting practices, and everyday exposure to violent scenes via the media, among others (Craig, 1992). Currently, every fifth child is exposed to poverty; for the children below six years, the number is twenty five percent. The fundamental services to families with a low income have been significantly reduced in the past decade as the federal funding in America has been cut. With the disappearance of social programs and the deterioration of the economy, violence in schools, homes, and communities have escalated. The handguns proliferations have also greatly contributed to the increasing violent assaults as well as homicides that children ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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