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It has recently been noticed that police officers consume meals and coffee at restaurants in the town free of charge. Many officers are known for this and similar acts for the past few years, and have been reported for doing this quite frequently…
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No free meal policy
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6 February, Policy No free meal policy Reference: xxx/xx issue x Chief Officer Lead: xx Implementation Area Owner: xx Department Responsible: xx The Policy: It has recently been noticed that police officers consume meals and coffee at restaurants in the town free of charge. Many officers are known for this and similar acts for the past few years, and have been reported for doing this quite frequently. It is, hereby conveyed to you that such an act is a pure offense to the integrity of police. Display of such actions by some police officers tarnishes the image of the whole police in the eyes of the citizens and they tend to loose confidence in police. When you take free meals at restaurants, public can easily accuse you of bribery. This is a potential blow to the integrity of police. Therefore, such a behavior will not be tolerated any way. You are hereby reminded that police is meant to serve others and not consume the services of others. Owing to the huge responsibility that you are given, public expects display of extreme decency from you. Each one of you forms part of an extremely powerful and trustworthy force of the nation, and represents the same in public. The role each one of you is playing is too sacred to gain public’s acceptance on display of any such action as accepting, or to be more precise, having free meals. You are hereby informed that no police officer can accept or take forcefully or otherwise any meal that he/she has not paid for. You are not allowed to consume meals, paid or otherwise, in public restaurants. You will be provided with your meal on order from the official canteen. You may wish to pay for the meal in cash or get the bill cut from the monthly salary. You may avail either of the two options. You may take your meal at your designated stations. Moreover, the meal will be provided to you only within the lunch break. Other than the lunch break, you are not allowed to take any meal or snacks. Note that the above holds valid for you as long as you are in uniform. You have all the rights of a regular citizen when you are not in uniform, and thus, may go to any restaurant you want to after the duty. Any police officer that breaches or attempts to breach this policy will be made to face serious consequences. Policy Implementation Date: 7 February 2011. Policy Review Date: Three years after the Policy Implementation Date. Letter to businessmen: Police Station Red Block Street Broadway, Tissa 33273 6 February 2011 Mr. X Z, ABC Restaurant, Green Valley, Tissa, 12723 Dear Mr. Z, As the Chief Police Officer, I hereby inform you that no police officer is allowed to take meal in any restaurant of the town in uniform, be it paid or otherwise. Therefore, any restaurant that is found offering meal to a police officer in uniform will be taken to charge. This is for your notification so that you may be educated on this policy and may not breach or attempt to breach it. Sincerely, Signature Mart Kelvis Enclosure Read More
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