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Forensic Portfolio James Moravec Institution Forensic Case Portfolio Introduction The era of information technology has made it possible for computer users to commit crime-using computers, but law enforcement officer also had tools that rely on computer to collect evidence about crime…
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Forensic case portfolio
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Download file to see previous pages The field of digital forensic analysis has various techniques that are critical in the identification, preservation, extraction, and documentation of digital evidence. The process of digital forensic is useful in solving criminal activities that touch on the use of computers (Casey, 2011). As a computer forensic, handling criminal involving computers is process of applying various procedures and practices that constitute best practices in digital forensics. This paper outlines the process of collecting digital evidence from the crime scene after the police called the digital forensic investigators. The paper outlines the digital forensic process applied on the photo show appendix A. the photo represents the area where the police officers believe a suspect took part in viewing and distribution of child pornography. On 10 December 2012, our computer forensic department received a request for computer forensic analysis. The local district police had sent the request to the head of the department after they had a suspect in custody. The suspect was behind the bars after the police received two complains from the suspect neighborhood that the suspect, Lee Oswald Havey, took part in distribution of child pornography. The request from the police was usual since the police also rely on the work of digital forensic analyst to collect digital evidence that is admissible before the courts of law. While computer forensic is of great value to investigators dealing with digital crime, such as seen in appendix A, there are many legal issues that are critical in any crime scene. Before working on the request, the department had to verify that the police had filled the appropriate forms requesting for the service. In addition, the department requested the police to furnish a copy of the warrant allowing for the seizure of computer hardware and other evidence that could link the Havey to the crime. The role of the warrant was critical since the Fourth Amendments protect all American citizens’ seizure or search unless police officers have probable cause of committing crime. As per the request, the request was in order and the investigators proceeded to carry the investigation at the crime scene. The investigators arrived at the home of the suspect the police showed them the room they suspected Havey to have used in watching and distributing child pornography. The room was dark with lights that were dim, but the investigators could still see the room. The room had two tables on the right and both had computer and other material. The first table had two computers under the desk with one being a Dell Vostro and another generic computer. The system units of these two computers were under the desk, but the user had switched them off. On the left desk were two sony 17’’ TFT screen. Both screens were connecting to the computer, but switched off. The same table also had a keyboard and a mouse. Beside the mouse were a USB thumb drive, mouse, and a notebook with a pen beside the book. Just beside the Sony TFT screen was some pieces of paper with some writings. There was a digital disk on the table, which appeared to have been in use. In addition, one of the screens had a sticky note attached to it with the note having some writings. The other screen also had some cables placed besides the base of the screen. The cables were the ends a microphone that was hanging off the table (the picture does not show the microphone hanging from the table). The second table had several items, as well. The ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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