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Issues in the correctional system, the analysis of facility murder - Case Study Example

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  Issues in the correctional system: the case study analysis of facility murder   Issues in the correctional system: the case study analysis of facility murder The given case study explains the killing of Marsha Wills, a Correctional Officer at the Mermon Correctional Facility 30 miles northeast of Washington, DC (in Maryland) by a male prisoner serving a life sentence for multiple sex crimes…
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Issues in the correctional system, the case study analysis of facility murder
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Download file to see previous pages Moreover, it explains the necessities of reducing the liberties given to the prisoners in America. According to Ikilo, (n.d.), it is the duty of The Federal Bureau of Prisons to “protect society by confining offenders in the controlled environments of prisons and community-based facilities that are safe, humane, cost-efficient, and appropriately secure, and that provide work and other self-improvement opportunities to assist offenders in becoming law-abiding citizens” (Ikilo, n.d.). However, nobody thinks about the safety of correctional officers while saying volumes about the safety of the public. It should be noted that many of the correctional officers working in American jails are females. They were forced to interact with many of the hard-core criminals who have less faith in humanity and more faith in cruelty. Many of the criminals in correctional system are sex offenders. Moreover, it is quite possible that even normal criminals may become sex offenders in jails since they are not getting any opportunities to relieve their sex energy. Many studies have proved that homosexuality is common in American jails. This is because of the lack of opportunities for heterosexuality in jails. Under such circumstances, the logic of asking women officers to work in American jails can be questionable. The ill fate suffered by Marsha Wills point towards the serious issues prevailing in American jails which needs immediate attention from the authorities. This paper tries to identify the issues, and make recommendations on how to improve the correctional system based on the given case study. Major issues prevailing in American correctional system James (2010) pointed out that “In "Tent City", a notorious convict camp in the Arizona desert that lacks even basic air conditioning, temperatures regularly top 130 degrees, causing no end of heat-related health problems among its internees” (James, 2010). It is a fact that absence of basic living conditions may cause distress in the minds of people and in the case of criminals, such distress may result in unexpected outcomes. Majority of the criminals in American jails are leading a no hope life. For example, life imprisonment in American means the culprit should spend his remaining life span in jails. He may not get enough opportunities for parole or probation. The US is the only country where juveniles are serving life imprisonment without parole under the so-called "life means life" policy. Only the US and Somalia have refused to ratify the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child, which rules out life sentences with no chance of release for crimes committed before the age of 18 (Pilkington, 2011). Even though America is believed to be the most civilized country in the world, they are not so at least in terms of considering criminals who got life sentencing. In other countries such as India, life imprisonment means only 15 year jail term. Moreover, during this 15-year jail term itself the criminal can spend lots of time outside in the name of parole. Those who are behaving decently in Indian jails, may get paroles frequently. In other words, criminals in Indian jails have hope for a future life outside the jail campus. The incidents or the murder of Marsha Wills in the given case should be analysed in the above context. John James, the 52 ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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