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Effect of interest rate and inflation rate on the islamic shares listed in the united arab emirates - Dissertation Example

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EFFECT OF INTEREST RATE AND INFLATION RATE ON THE ISLAMIC SHARES LISTED IN THE UNITED ARAB EMIRATES Contents Abstract and Executive Summary 3 Key Words 5 Chapter 1: INTRODUCTION 6 Background 6 Theoretical Overview 9 Problems Statement 10 Research aim and objective 11 Research Questions 11 Dissertation Layout 11 Chapter 2: LITERATURE REVIEW 12 Introduction 12 Previous studies on the subject 14 Gaps in literature 16 Chapter 3: THE DEVELOPMENT OF ISLAMIC SHARES, GROWTH, TYPES AND ISSUES 17 Islamic Perspective on shares and stocks exchange 17 Development of Islamic stock exchange and subsequent issues 19 Chapter 4: RESEARCH AND METHODOLGY 20 Research Framework 20 Hypothesis Testing 22 CHAPTER 5: …
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Effect of interest rate and inflation rate on the islamic shares listed in the united arab emirates
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Extract of sample "Effect of interest rate and inflation rate on the islamic shares listed in the united arab emirates"

Download file to see previous pages The Shariah Principles, which dates back to almost fourteen hundred years ago, has put forward certain immaculate methodologies and customs pertaining to establishment of a financial system. These principles and ideologies can be applied even in the dynamic and robust global economic scenario of the twenty first century without any downside. The Islamic financial system strongly condemns the inclusion of interest in the transactions between the borrowers and the lenders and has labeled any such transaction as repugnant to the principles of Shariah or ‘Haram’. Following the same principles, not only such transactions are unlawful according to the principles of Islam, but investing in any of such companies and earning return form such are also unlawful. With the passage of time, the development of the Islamic financial institution started taking place at a rapid pace. The trend was not only confined to the Middle Eastern and Far East Asian countries, but the effects were far stretched to the European and the North American countries as well. The supporters of the conventional economic system soon realized that the rationale behind the Islamic financial structure and the concepts of an Islamic financial institution. Several major conventional banks have since launched various Islamic products and experienced impressive response from the individuals as well as from corporations. Shariah principles related to Islamic financial system not only provide guidance on the financial products pertaining to Islamic banking, but it has also issued pronouncements on how companies can regulate their operations and bring them in line in accordance with the laws of Islamic Shariah. Investing in the equity security of the Shairah compliant companies is allowed for the investors and the return earned on such investment is permissible and ‘Halal’. There are certain conditions which the company needs to implement in its operational and financial strategy in order to become Shariah compliant. The main The business of the company must not be prohibited as per the laws of Shariah If debt ratio of the company is higher than 33% of its equity capital, then buying the shares of such company is not permissible as per Shariah Islamic scholars have allowed the interest income to be less than 5% of the total income of the company for it to be permissible for investment Relationship between the interest rate and the inflation has been discussed at large in various economic literatures. Both of these variables are responsible for shaping the essential aspects of the economy such as monetary policy and regulating the supply and demand of several commodities. Various studies have been conducted in order to understand the relationship between the interest rate and the rate of inflation. It is generally considered among the economist that the nominal ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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