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Criminal Justice: Untited States of America vs. Arthur Todd Vitola - Essay Example

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Name Professor Course Date Criminal Justice: United States of America vs. Arthur “Todd” Vitola The defendant gave in to charges by the United States district court, district of New Jersey regarding custodies for playing a part in a trial aimed at damaging a boat by sinking it eighteen months ago…
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Criminal Justice: Untited States of America vs. Arthur Todd Vitola
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Download file to see previous pages Appearance in court was good and all involved parties adhered to the regulations, taking their stand and laying out their experiences with regards to the questions asked. The defendant and his co-accomplices committed, and caused the accusation, and the imposing of overplay by the court became necessary. During the trial, the defendant took to the stand for questioning by the prosecutor. Honorable Renee Marie Bumb was the judge of the case and took to her post before the hearings began. The prosecutor began by asking the defendant where he was at the time of the incidence. The defendant answered that he was at the shore where the boat was docked. Afterwards, the prosecutor asked the defendant to explain further in detail what happened afterwards. The defendant explained that on august 2nd 2009, the boat left Cape May with henry “Mike” Anholt as the captain, together with a team of the defendant. Despite the little fuel, ice and foods, the log of the boat was tampered with to interpret an additional 50 fish weighing a sum of an estimated 3,000 lbs. were captured during the fishing voyage. It was part of the conspiracy that in around July 2009, Scott Train leased Henry “Mike” Anholt as the captain of the boat Alexander II. The conspiracy developed by the defendant and his colleagues also included sinking the boat on the high seas in return for reimbursements to him and his team. Anholt employed his team to assist him sinking the boat in the high waters of the sea in order to get the insurance reimbursement, which was to be equally divided amongst them to an estimated $2,000 each. In august 2nd 2009, the boat arrived at high waters in the sea, an estimated 86 miles southeast of Cape May, off the coast of New Jersey. Anholt was the captain and his team of thee associates worked in combined effort to sink the boat. Nevertheless, the attempt was not triumphant. As part of the conspiracy, the defendant sounded remorseful when stating that they tried filling the boat with seawater, while overlooking the bilge alarms coming from the deck and interior of the boat. Instead of using the pumps in the boat, that were in perfect working state, the defendant said that they were obliged to send a distress signal to the US coast guard, and then neglect the boat in a life tranche altogether. After being rescued by the coast guard, one team member provided untruthful statements to the coast guard concerning the occurrence. It august 3rd 2009 and the coast guard did not find any fish on the boat, implying that the finishing quest was also a falsified motive for taking the boat to high waters in the sea. The team was brought back to the boat’s owner by the US coast guard on august 3rd 2009. The defendant discussed the incidence with Scott and made cash reimbursements to the captain and team as compensations for their tried sinking of the Alexander II. The payments happened to be below the preceded provided and settled sums. Erik James received les payment from Mahn Nguyen, Erik James and his partner. This made the defendant drive to Philadelphia to the district of the office of Scott Tan. Mahn Nguyen entered and left the office and premises to give extra US currency to Anholt, then ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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