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In this essay, "Enforcement of entertainment laws" the author talks about what constitutes entertainment law and its key components. He also answers the question why it is better for the artists to running contracts with entertainment law firms than with ordinary one…
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Enforcement of entertainment laws
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Download file to see previous pages Compensation Agents earn a compensation for their services at between 5% and 15% of the artist gross earnings from bookings, engagement, or employment secured by the agent. The commission given to the agent may vary depending on the type of work, length of time, popularity of the artist, and state laws. Some state laws stipulate that agents and talent agencies must obtain licences before obtaining commissions, and may be charge a particular maximum amount. Before agents represent an artist, they have to sign contracts (Ronald, 2008). According to Harrison, (2007), attorneys usually assist the artists in handling any contractual negotiations on their behalf, to be certain that the terms of an agreement such as fees and duration are favourable to the artist. Talent agents can sometimes act as managers with no licence and experience, and may negotiate contracts such as recording, publishing, or merchandising contracts for the artist, is like practising law without a licence which can jeopardize the artist’s career. Contracts in the music entertainment industry can involve extremely complex legal issues such as a variety of rights, and usually have long term effects on the artist’s career. Conflict of interest may arise where an agent is being paid commission on the artist’s contract. This may make the agents focus on the advance money, at the expense of what they may assume as many details concerning the artist’s royalty calculations, publishing, creative control, production, merchandising, and other long term career issues of the artist. 2.3 Enforcement of entertainment laws State laws, such as California and New York require talent agents to obtain a licence as a form of the artist... This "Music Industry Management (Entertainment Law: Portfolio)" essay outlines the main components of entertainment law. The participation of lawyers in the media has made the media law develop much faster thereby leading to the development of entertainment law. Entertainment law refers to a combination of various traditional laws that focus on the provision of legal services to the players in the entertainment industry. The entertainment law combines various slaws such as company law, contract law, and sales of goods law. It is also noteworthy that, artist just setting in business, or fully established in the entertainment industry should consider having an entertainment lawyer in addition to having proper knowledge of their rights as an artist. The entertainment law firms all have different practices as most of the entertainment lawyers have varying areas of specialisation. It is therefore the onus of the artist to identify their needs be it litigation need (litigation attorneys) and or transactional needs (for the transactional attorneys). While the litigation attorney only specialise in defensive and offensive legal action, the transactional attorney s are responsible for facilitating entertainment deals, negotiations, strategic initiatives as wells as other contractual issues. It is also advisable for artist to running contracts with entertainment law firms in order to enjoy complete legal coverage and legal representation. This should happen before and after legal issues arise because one entertainment lawyer may not provide the perfect coverage. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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“Enforcement of Entertainment Laws Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 4000 Words”, n.d. https://studentshare.org/law/1397332-music-industry-management-entertainment-law.
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