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Negotiation Evaluation Papers - Assignment Example

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Date: Negotiation Evaluation Papers Any negotiation process should veer towards problem solving. Interest based-bargaining or problem solving makes parties involved in the negotiation process to concentrate on their vested interest rather than asserting demands and positions…
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Negotiation Evaluation Papers
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Download file to see previous pages In addition to that, they reflect distinct concerns, values and motives. As a matter of fact, these varied differences allow the negotiation process to become an inquiry into finding the distinct solutions and needs that satisfies both parties. Problem solving negotiation occurs as a result of issues dealing with money. In that case, it can become a component of solution that constitutes other aspects. Negotiation can be best described as a side by side dialogue in which parties trade on their issues rather than conflicting over resources that are limited (Doye et al. 2). It is unethical to perceive negotiation as an encounter that is casual without giving it forethought. The outcome is meandering and reactive meetings rather than meetings that are proactive with certain goals in mind. Inadequate planning reflects itself at the negotiation table as parties tend to rely too much on ineffective and demands that attempts to persuade their opponent. General Information Regarding Heffen vs. Pacific These are recording companies and are having issues on who should take artistic control of the STAR album, a once known popular group. The group is comprised of four individuals namely, Sarren, Trace, Armstrong and Robins (STAR). The group regrouped itself three months ago and they are working on their second album after 15 years. However, six weeks down the line, Robin’s signs with Heffen record company a two year contract whilst the rest of the group signed contracts with Pacific Records Company. My client (Heffen records) believes that, if given the opportunity to produce the album under his label, he would manage to sell about seventy five thousand copies (75,000copies), whilst the follow up album would sell up to one million five hundred thousand copies. Each CD would cell at 15dollars thus totalling to 11.25million dollars and the follow up album accumulating 22.5million dollars. In that case, Heffen Company will be entitled to 25% of each CD gross. Nevertheless, Heffen Company is willing to offer Pacific Record a maximum of 10%and no more than that from the total gross sell only if she is given the artistic control of the album. In addition to that, as a final resort, she would yield to giving Robins away only if Pacific Record pays 1, 000,000 dollars. This negotiation is significant to Heffen. She would have handled it herself, but as a result of the conflict between her and the president of Pacific Records Mr Paul Pack, she cannot handle it. That is why I as the third party I am involved in the negotiation process so as to arrive at a concrete solution. Preparation The Pacific Records comes to my clients company and they are given 6-10% bargain for the first year. In the second year, they are allowed to take Robin on condition that they pay 1,000,000 dollars. However, if they refuse to comply with these conditions, they will be subjected to work under their name (pacific records) but all the returns accumulated from the album sell will be taken by my clients company (Heffen Company). The negotiation strategy applied to come with the above terms and conditions is the “Plan Money Moves Based on Objective Principle.” According to this strategy, money becomes the component of a solution negotiated. Similarly, better handling of monitory issues results to outcomes that are effective. For example, the negotiation between Pacific Record Company and Heffen Company agreed on various terms that are ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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