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Leadership And Management of Law Enforcement Personnel Within the Organization - Term Paper Example

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The leadership and management of law enforcement personnel is one of the most difficult management responsibilities to undertake. This study now seeks to discuss the leadership and management of law enforcement personnel within the organization. Law enforcement is a highly stressful job…
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Leadership And Management of Law Enforcement Personnel Within the Organization
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Download file to see previous pages Transformational leadership has shown significant potential in law enforcement organizations. These organizations now operate in the current age of unpredictable change where leaders must try to ensure that their members are sufficiently developed and empowered to make their own decisions, especially in the field. Line officers must be able to also take a leadership role once they are outside the physical custody and jurisdiction of their leaders (Dobby,, 2004). In the field, they may be thrust into situations where they need to make quick and appropriate decisions. The transformational leader therefore seeks to prepare his subordinates to be independent and proactive thinkers, making them significant assets in the field. Transformational leaders seem to be more effective as compared to transactional leaders in the long term (Hinkin and Tracey, 1994). They help inspire confidence, as well as help provide learning experiences to the to the subordinates (Dobby,, 2004). This type of leadership has also been known for assisting in the implementation of changes in various settings, thereby allowing the members to adjust to these changes and make personal adjustments in their activities. In applying this transformational type of leadership in the UK, the National Policing Plan was able to deliver improvements in the performance of police officers, as well as ensure the reduction of crime in the country (Dobby,, 2004). This type of leadership is therefore one of the effective methods of leadership which can be applied in order to ensure the effective management of law enforcement organizations. Moriarty (2009) discusses that most organizations need effective leadership in order to succeed. Without...
This essay stresses that it is also important for managers to recognize stress, anxiety, and fatigue among their employees. It is therefore important for managers to be adequately trained in recognizing signs of stress and fatigue. Some of these signs may include irritability, hot-headedness, sleeping while on shift, frequent yawning, forgetfulness or memory lapses, and anger. Once these signs are noted among employees, it is important for managers to implement changes in shift work, ordering time off for these officers, and similar other fatigue-relieving remedies. It is also important for the managers to encourage their employees to approach sleep and rest as a safety and performance issue
This paper makes a conclusion that Leaders and managers of law enforcement officers have a significant challenge of managing their subordinates and ensuring the peace and safety of the general population. In order to manage law enforcement officers, various programs can be applied. One of these programs is the Leadership in Police Organizations which has gained widespread support. This is a program which seeks to ensure police participation in their own leadership. Very much in relation to transformational leadership, the LPO is an effective means of engaging officers to be their own leaders. Education and training among managers and line officers on the management of stress and fatigue is also an important addition to the effective management of law enforcement officers. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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