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The paper "Domestic Terrorism" describes domestic terrorism in the United States has been of significant concern to the FBI and other regulatory authorities as a significant proportion of the overall terrorist attacks in the US have been classified as domestic terrorism…
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Domestic Terrorism
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Download file to see previous pages According to FBI, between the year 1980 and 2000, 250 out of a total of 335 terrorist acts were regarded as domestic terrorism as they are executed by the citizens of the United States. The motives behind these attacks are mostly different and they are executed by different organizations for different purposes. Domestic terrorism is conducted through different activities such as; shooting, assaulting, assassination, bombing or other means of destruction. A number of incidents related to domestic terrorism were on the rise in 1980s and according to FBI, most of these terrorist attacks were carried out by left-wing terrorist organizations. In the later part of 1980s, the threats from left-wing organizations receded therefore the incidents of domestic terrorism declined in the 1990s as compared to the incidences that took place in 1980s. However, the right-wing organizations started to gain momentum in 1990s and a number of domestic terrorism incidents took place in the name of antigovernment movements. In the late 1990s, a rise in the activities of organizations endorsing animal rights and the environmental extremists was observed. To the surprise of the regulatory authorities, in the year 1999 8 out of the 12 terrorist incidents that occurred in the United States were attributed to the organizations endorsing animal rights or environmental extremists. One of such incidents included fire-bombing of an outlet of a clothing line. These extremists also took part in anti-corporate and anti-global activities. In order to create obstacles in the process of corporate deals and other activities, such groups also orchestrated destruction of property in order to hinder the corporate meetings....
In the year 1999, the group caused the burning of a ski resort in Vail, Colorado. The group caused some other property destructions in the later years such as; burning of Legend Ridge mansion, burning of numerous SUVs, and destruction of a 206-unit condominium in San Diego. In 2007, the group caused the destruction of four multi-million dollar homes through explosives, and in the most recent case, burning of an excavator. Due to these significant terrorist activities, this group is posing a threat to the government, therefore, the law enforcement authorities are taking active measures to avoid any future terrorist attacks by this group. From the analysis of the domestic terrorism in the United States, it can be inferred that the US has witnessed significant damage due to the domestic terrorist activities than the damage faced by international terrorism. Domestic terrorism has been prevailing in the United States for decades. The intensity of terrorist activities was different in different eras. There are numerous groups or organizations that are actively involved in the domestic terrorist activities in the United States and there have been a number of notable domestic terrorist activities in the past few decades. The government should allocate more resources in order to enhance the measures being taken against the domestic terrorism and the authorities that form new laws should take the opinion of the opposing groups into account as well in order to reduce the domestic terrorist activities in the United States. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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