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The Ethical Way Forward for Procurement of Organs - Dissertation Example

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This study aims at dissecting the pertinent topic on the ethical way in procurement of organs. Organ procurement has been a consummately chief practice in the medical industry since it profoundly aids in saving lives of numerous scores of people who have defective organs that are vital for survival. …
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The Ethical Way Forward for Procurement of Organs
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Extract of sample "The Ethical Way Forward for Procurement of Organs"

Download file to see previous pages According to the research organ procurement is the set of procedures that includes administrative, authoritative and ethical processes observed in the acquisition of organs for transplant via affiliations, systems or programs. The entire organ procurement procedure includes by consent seeking from the donors or donors’ relatives or acquaintances and the transportation of the organs so obtained from the donor through tissue harvesting to the respective health centres for further medical processing and eventual transplant into the recipient. Organ procurement began as a basic endeavour when affiliations that specialized in kidney transplantation obtained organs and used them to save other lives in the same facility. As the demand for organs and speciality in the transplantation of other solid organs as the heart, small intestines, pancreas liver and lungs among others augmented in the society, the dire need of developing enhanced and ethical organ procurement, distribution and sharing agreements was acknowledged. Because of the high demand for organs for transplant in contemporary times, numerous organizations, through the efforts of physicians, scholars and medical personnel, are operating to counteract the looming shortage to avoid deaths. I would wish to expound on this aspect by drawing an instance of organizations that are pertinent to enhance the entire organ procurement procedures. This addresses the dire need for organizations to come up to ensure that organ procurement continues as it should. For instance, affiliations and networks such as the SEROPP, SEOPF and OPTN in the US were formed that operated within the constitution to introduce efficient organ procurement enhancements that resulted into the betterment of the entire process. Some of the enhancements include tissue typing, computerized kidney-matching, educational programs regarding organ procurement and government controlled systems that improved and controlled identification of organ donors (Mary et al. 2010). The procurement procedure is a procedural process that involves initial identification of brain-dead givers. The concerned physician conducts this practice. Hospital guidelines and the laws of the state are extremely imperative in the determination of the brain-dead patients. The patients stay under ventilator machines as physicians conduct further procedures on them. On completion of verification of brain death of the patient, the procurement body gives the guidelines and details of what needs to occur before transplantation. The core purpose of contacting the procurement plant is to allow discussion with the family of the deceased regarding procurement of the donor tissues or organs for further transplantation. Procurement body consultation is consummately augments consent by the concerned ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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