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Advocacy-LLM Criminal Litigation - Essay Example

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What in your opinion are the most important qualities of the effective criminal advocates? Criminal Advocates and the Necessity for Accreditation Program in UK In UK, more than 3600 legal professional are enrolled with the Criminal Bar Association…
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Advocacy-LLM Criminal Litigation
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Download file to see previous pages These criminal legal professionals help to defend and prosecute particularly in the most serious criminal cases. The legal practitioners in UK have to demonstrate high magnitude of commitment, professionalism and ethical norms since UK has earned high reputation for its criminal justice system on the international level. To guarantee the delivery of high quality of criminal justice in UK courts, criminal advocates have to demonstrate higher advocacy and great technical knowledge skill. The criminal advocates help to ensure that all citizens receive a fair trial in the adversarial legal system, which is the backbone of the nation’s criminal justice system1, It is widely accepted that a huge sum is being spent as criminal legal aid in UK, pubic expects an efficient and effective advocacy from criminal advocates and if any poor standards will definitely not only have an impact on the quality of criminal advocate profession but also on the overall legal profession in UK. The Law Society in UK affirmed its pledge to enhancing advocacy norms which it regarded as to be must for the efficient functioning of the criminal justice system in UK. In view of the same, the Law society strongly recommended to create a certification scheme for solicitor advocates with the main spotlight on enhancing the knowledge update and training available to solicitor advocates in UK....
etiquettes for a criminal advocate as for instance, there had been severe criticism in the Milly Dowler3 trail against the counsel in 2011 for the treatment received by the victim’s family when they were in the witness box, and it is an obvious signal that even in criminal cases, antagonist backing has its limits4. The most significant traits of a criminal advocate can be summarised as follows: He should have adequate knowledge and appropriate qualification in criminal law and criminal justice system. The criminal advocate should always work for to safeguard the rights and interest of his client and should have strong fervent for justice. While in court, he should be confident and bold and should have a strong presence and should be capable of intimidating the prosecution. He should be a great performer with emoting talents to attract the jury’s attention and be able to influence them of the defendants’ misery or innocence. He should have more confident and should have conducted many analogues’ litigations and should have good success rate. He should have adequate courage and more capable of facing the judge and cannot be either browbeaten or humiliated. He should have adequate knowledge of how the police functions and should be capable of detecting out facts and clues. He should have sound, deep knowledge in hidden components of law and during court hearing; he should be capable of spring surprises when never anticipated. With a client, a criminal advocate should always be fair in his professional dealings and also be honest and should brief his client the status of the case and what one can anticipate. He should be sociable in character so that he can have good relations with police, other advocates so that he can search for information from them to help his ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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The topic of "Advocacy-LLM Criminal Litigation" is quite often seen among the assignments in university. Still, this essay opens a brand new perspective of seeing the problem. I’ll use the idea for my own paper.

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