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Rights, Law and the History of Ideas - Essay Example

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I decided on discussing the animal rights with special reference to some old works written by great intellectuals like Beauchamp, Singer, and Regan because I felt like it would really help in understanding the greater picture of the issue since many new ideas often happen to be a spitting image of the old works…
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Rights, Law and the History of Ideas
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Extract of sample "Rights, Law and the History of Ideas"

Download file to see previous pages I decided to pay special attention to works presented by Regan, Singer, and Francione because all of these animal rights theorists have always managed to present their approach concerning animal rights issue in a very engaging and unique manner. At some points, these philosophers even get purely judgmental about other intellectuals’ approaches and I felt that highlighting such judgments and arguments would help in getting the deeper flavor of the whole issue in a multidimensional manner. I basically tried searching most of the references from hard copies of books and peer-reviewed journals though I also took support of some credible websites about which I specially tried making sure that they contained valid and reviewed information. The books I referenced in the paper throw light on Regan’s and Singer’ works and I chose them because they help contrasting Regan’s approach from that of Singer’s. I also laid stress on books composed by Francione because his works help immensely in understanding the core ideology of animal liberation movement.
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