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Justifications for Migratory Restrictions - Essay Example

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For generations, family law in the UK has sought to keep the fundamental social structures of the UK intact and allow the proper socialisation and create the right atmosphere for the social and economic wellbeing of residents of the country (Diduck, 2003). …
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Justifications for Migratory Restrictions
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Download file to see previous pages This provision is therefore applicable to all members of the UK society because the society is one that has promoted equality and fairness for generations. However, in recent times, the UK has come up with stringent and tough immigration laws that have prevented a lot of people from coming into Britain. One of the biggest area that these new immigration laws have affected is the area of family law. Many migrants can assert a right to live with their family members if they gain legal residence here. However, the UK laws make it difficult for their family members to come into Britain. There are some pointers in law that give the government authorities the right to block these migrations for family unifications. However, this contrasts with UK family law and European Union Human Rights laws. This paper evaluates the conflict between human rights/family law and national immigration laws which prevent family unification. It begins by examining the fundamental rights of individuals in terms of family structures and European Union human rights laws. It goes on to examine the reality of migration into the UK and how these laws affect human rights. The paper identifies the grounds on which the UK authorities reject persons seeking family unifications and its implications in European Law. The paper goes on to identify the possible requirements that migrants and refugees living in the UK can satisfy in order to get their rights to family unification honoured. Core Components of Family Law From inception, the family has been the main place that individuals make their first social contacts. They build upon their relationships with their families to grow, study and enter mainstream society. The family was the pillar for the social and religious development of individuals in the olden days. After the reformation in Europe and the renaissance of the 15th to 18th Century, the family structures got modified. Since these events challenged traditional institutions with empiricism and economic rationality, the structures of the family changed (Stevenson, 2005). The family became a vehicle for the economic as well as social integration of children into the society. Currently, the family still remains a major component of the development of individuals. The family acts as the agency through which a child learns basic values of the society as well as the outlet through which the new generations get prepared for structured education for a future occupation. Families also preserve certain cultural and social relationships between adults through marriage and other bonds (Stevenson, 2005). In the UK today, families continue to maintain an important role in the society. Although a lot has changed over the past fifty years, the family remains an important component of Britain. In 2008, the UK government made the following pronouncement: “Families are the bedrock of our society. They nurture children, hep to build strength, resilience and moral values in young people and provide love and encouragement that helps them lead fulfilling livesCabinet Office, 2008). Thus, the primary role that families continue to play in Britain is to socialise the next generation and give them the necessary guidance to build a fulfilling adult life. Additionally, family structures enable adults to get to the peak of their emotional, financial and social life because it grants support and help to individual members of the society (Diduck, 2003). It is therefore important for the UK to keep family structures intact. Due to this, family law has evolved as an important component of law in Britain. Most people have a view of an idealised family system where there is a father, mother and children. However, the evolution in the social structures of Britain has caused the law to also evolve to ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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