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European Union problem question - Essay Example

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European Union Problem Question
According to the Article 15 of EU law, every person has the right to work and seek job in any member state. The right to work generates legal responsibilities to assure the “freedom of work” and to arrange for free working in the employment market …
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European Union problem question
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Download file to see previous pages The “freedom of work” through European Union countries is a fundamental right which encompasses a region without internal boundaries where independence is guaranteed in agreement with the endowment of the treaty. This right is applied under certain conditions and also approved to the family members, regardless of the nationality. However, the description of “family member” must comprise the registered companion, if the law of host country treats registered companion as comparable to marriage. In the context of free movement, marriage partners who are not nationals of an EU member country must obtain visa while crossing the border unless they have acquired the residence card .
As Juanita was Columbian national from the beginning, she should acquire permissions from the “Secretary of State” in order to get visa. The immigration rule to enter UK depicts that a couple, in this case Roger and Juanita, must be capable of representing adequate original documented proofs which can specify that they have enough money, acceptable housing facility, and have not any supplementary resources for the non UK partner. However, there are other particular exemptions in this regulation which should be pursued by Roger in order to make Juanita enter in the UK .
5. Marriage in overseas nation takes place after mutual authorisation. The legal structure practiced in foreign states can act together with the law of UK in a complicated manner, and therefore the direction of ‘surrogate or registrar’ is essential in order to avoid complications in marriage and immigration problem in the UK or Netherlands. In present days, the laws regarding marriage and national immigration obligation are different in the UK and the Netherlands. The reason why Juanita faced problems while entering in the UK was due to its strong immigration policy system and its continuous development or transformations. There are increased concerns about the purpose of marriage, because some couple might conduct agreement marriage exclusively for immigration reasons. As marriage to someone authorises to live or work in the UK, it can considerably enrich the right for the foreign person. Therefore, a mutual authorisation is required for Roger and Juanita. It is obligatory for Roger and Juanita to confirm that marriage authorisations are not settled, as there is a strong probability of viewing their marriage as fake and only a means to enter in the UK. The key issue is whether they seek genuine marriage in the sense that they are undertaking a promise to lastingness. Simultaneously, when the appeal for marriage ascends out of genuine ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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