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Watergate scam. Usa Vs Nixon - Term Paper Example

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USA vs. Nixon case in fact created a history in terms of discretionary power of the President of the United States of America. The larger bench which comprised of 8 judges of the apex court led by Chief Justice Warren E. Burger unanimously held the then President Nixon responsible for Watergate scam…
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Watergate scam. Usa Vs Nixon
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Download file to see previous pages The mentioned scandal came to surface during the year 1972 when the electioneering campaign between Mr. George McGovern and Mr. Richard Nixon was on the boom. Well before winning the Presidential election, five people inclusive of white house staff and political workers made their unauthorized entry into the Democratic Headquarters located at Watergate complex in Washington D.C (Kutler 510). In order to investigate the matter of doors broken opened of Democratic Headquarters by the staff and political workers of Nixon’s Party who run the electioneering campaign aims at to steal material information and important files that relates to election strategy. Upon disclosure of the committed crime, initially Mr. Nixon assigned the task to Mr. Cox to investigate the matter. Later on he dismissed him for non-co-operation. The forced departure of Mr. Cox, Mr. Richardson and Mr. Ruckelshaus considered in the American history as “Saturday Night Massacre” (Trachtman 131). With the dismissal of said gentleman, mounting public pressures compelled Mr. Nixon to appoint another investigator. Hence, Mr. Jaworski appointed to probe the matter. To accomplish the task he got subpoena order that enables him to have an access to relevant tapes and documents which were in the possession of Mr. Nixon. The conversations that contains in the tapes led to the involvement of indicted persons in the scam (Trachtman 131). On the disclosure of his involvement in the Watergate scam, Nixon’s counsel requested the competent court of law to quash president from accountability since he is as powerful as Louis XIV for a term of four years; therefore he is not answerable to any court of law except the impeachment court. The competent court of law turned down the plea and ordered the president to hand over the investigative material to the investigator (Kutler 510). On the order of the subordinate court, the attorney of Mr. Nixon referred the matter to the Supreme Court and the court hardly taken three weeks time to decide the case. In that case the apex court focused on two issues a) indictment of president b) president prerogative of immunity. Firstly the court found involvement of Mr. President in conversation with the staff of white house concerning Watergate scam. Secondly the court rejected the plea of absolute power of the president. The president was of the view that being a president he has the absolute right and privilege of immunity. Further, the court held that only the attorney general void the prosecution commission which he refused to do so, therefore, the executive branch and other two branches are bound to implement it. The president had no choice but to enforce the decision in its true spirit (Kutler 511). The fear of impeachment and prosecution in the Senate which led to the removal of President forced him to resign from his office in August 1974. So far he was the only president in the history of United States of America who resigned from his office. This has further established the authority of Supreme Court as judicial branch to monitor the activities of executive branch if any of its action is ultra virus to the constitution and the law of the land in vogue (Trachtman 133). Chief Justice Warren Burger of the Supreme Court of America in his land mark decision held that "However, neither the doctrine of separation of powers nor the need for confidentiality of high level communication without more can sustain an absolute, unqualified Presidential privilege of immunity from judicial process under all circumstances” (Lively and Weaver 3). The apex court while acknowledging the right of ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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The topic of "Watergate scam. Usa Vs Nixon." is quite often seen among the assignments in high school. Still, this document opens a new perspective of seeing the issue. I’ll use the manner for my own text.

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