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Assignment on Politics (major constitutional changes) - Essay Example

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This essay has examined the United Kingdom’s coalition government in terms of political changes that have been implemented. In this context of understanding, it’s revealed that in large part the Liberal Democrats and Conservatives have come together and put in place many policies…
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Assignment on Politics (major constitutional changes)
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Download file to see previous pages After 2010 elections, the government became the first formal coalition since the second world war. The Coalition has been made between Liberal Democrats and The Conservatives. Both parties now have the same plan for the government as they give promises about solving different issues in the UK. As such many new reforms have been proposed and implemented in this new political environment. This essay will discuss the political changes that have been presented by the new coalition government. One of these changes is tax changes. According to this change is "the most radical for a decade", and it affects everyone whether they are rich, poor, unemployed or employed. People think that the policy of increasing the tax-free personal allowance to 10,000 GBP is too much, but this policy allows an individual to keep more of his income before tax, and decrease the need to the government money....
Within these changes perhaps the largest is the introduction of a Freedom Bill. This bill does away with, “ID cards, the National Identity register and the ContactPoint database, and halt the next generation of biometric passports” (“Policy-by-policy: The Coaltiion,” 2010). Still, a growing number of critics have noted that the coalition government has not gone far enough in establishing civil liberty reforms. It’s noted that, “the people with the passion, audacity and sacrifice who set the Freedom Bill in motion are being sidelined” (“The coalition government,” 2011). Another civil rights aspect is the implementation of consumer protection measures. This included banning excessive interest rates on credit cards and placing a seven-day wait period for store cards. Furthermore, credit card companies will need to provide better information to consumers and put it in electronic format so they can figure out if they are getting the best deal. A large amount of consideration has also been given to local and community government change. In these regards they have proposed a freeze council tax in England for an indefinite period. They also are trying to have mayors elected directly from the 12 largest English cities. They also are trying to stop the general restructure of councils throughout many parts of Great Britain. Local and community crime is another major area of concern. Health and safety laws and being amended through ‘common sense policing’. Greater levels of transparency are also being developed in terms of crime and policing. For instance, local police agencies are now being required to publish statistics about crime and crime rates every month. New attention has also been given to ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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