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COURTS Name: Instructor: Task: Date: Courts Introduction A court is a governmental body, in the form of a tribunal that possesses the mandate to host, officiates, arbitrates legal clashes between different parties concerned, and in accordance with the law of the land, carries out adept administration of law, justice and order in the solution of social, criminal and governmental issues…
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Download file to see previous pages The court systems that interpret and put the la into practice are called the judiciary. The courts have the jurisdiction to deliver verdicts after A successful trial (Janda, 2008). Reforming the organization of courts In order to enhance the judicial court system delivery, various elementary measures ought to be instilled into correct use. These include aspects of administration that aim at enhancing service delivery to the public and the corporate world. Parties who present their cases ought to feel at home and well served. To achieve these rectifications in the operations of the courts has to be altered for the good of the people. The judicial branches sought to be transformed immediately. This spells out modes of selection of judges; the ways that they are punished and evaluated according to their performance and overall delivery to services presented to them, this practice ensures that the decisions or verdicts arrived at are credibly justifiable and correct (Janda, 2008). The verdict delivered in this case should be free from bias or personal conveniences. Thus, this practice of judicial reform uses or results into the citizens or involved parties served by the courts developing profound trust in the judicial system and, thus, is more likely to cooperate in ensuring that anything unlawful is punished accordingly. Go further enhance judicial efficient and fruitful judicial conduct in handling of cases; the ministry of justice has to distribute capital reinforcement required in the maintenance of the courts and related affairs. This money is supposed to be remitted to the treasury and its use highly scrutinized all through to enhance proper use. Thus, with this kind of reinforcement, the court will have reformed positively and directed towards quality legal service delivery for welfare of the entire community. To increase the speed of service delivery in courts and the entire judicial affiliations, several correctional policies ought to be inculcated in the progression of the court processes. Basically, one of the chief quandaries that hamper quickly an effectual service delivery in courts and entire judicial affiliations is the prevalence of backlog due to slow or extremely ineffective legal service delivery systems that only involves overdependence on human skill only and does not involved use of enhancing techniques. F or instance, in many law courts, the judges, justices, lawyers and other personnel in the workforce usually work depending only on their physical abilities. These abilities include the use of extensive hardcopy filing systems in their records and references (Jones, 2003). They therefore have to carry with them the cumbersome documents for use during court processions. This is tiresome and brings about sluggishness in the solving of cases during court processions. Thus, as a corrective and enhancive measure to combat the imminent sluggishness in law interpretation and applications, computers have to be utilized in the courts and related associations. These computers can be used to store information in form of files, in translation systems, in doing of camerawork and in the monitoring of security in the court rooms. Introduction of computers in the court therefore counteracts the trade offs and pitfalls that slow down theses processes. Enhancement of quick disposition of cases is, thus, buffered, creating more opportunities to ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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