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Abortion controversy - Essay Example

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Abortion is one of the controversial issues in thesociety.It is the willful termination of pregnancy before giving birth leading to the death of the fetus.Elective abortion is the intended termination of pregnancy to satisfy personal interests of the pregnant woman…
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Abortion controversy
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Extract of sample "Abortion controversy"

Download file to see previous pages On the other hand, abortion that is recommended by the physician is usually meant to save the pregnant woman from the dangers she might be exposed to as a result of the pregnancy. In the philosophical perspective, abortion is evaluated on the moral status of the fetus. Despite the fetus having a moral right to life, it develops in the body of another person and therefore infringes the rights of that person to be free, especially in cases of pregnancy complications. Nevertheless, the fetus does not force itself in the womb. Rather, it develops through a conscious sexual act and therefore has a right to develop inside the body. These arguments generate controversy with regard to the right of a woman for self-determination. Some people support abortion on the basis of health and individual rights, others do not support on moral grounds and religion. In some countries such as the US, abortion is legal while in others especially in the Muslim society, it is illegal. Arguments for Abortion (Example US and UK) The US Supreme Court allowed abortion in 1973 on the bases that a woman has a right to self-determination. It is upon the discretion of the mother to decide whether to carry out an abortion or not. The American culture respects the rights of individuals as rational beings that are able to make rational decisions. For example, it is not considered to an abomination for a woman to terminate an unwanted pregnancy that hampers her productivity in the society (Austin 12). The Abortion Act of 1967 legalized abortion in the UK. It stated that if the abortion is recommended by a medical practitioner in good faith, then it is legal. Although amendments have been made to specify the gestation ceiling at which abortion can be procured, greater reference is made to the law developed in 1967. The UK culture has mixed opinions regarding abortion. However, pro-abortion has an upper hand and some abortion clinics even advertise on television and print media. Most of the families in the UK and the US are okay with abortion, and it is mostly left for the woman to decide whether to complete or terminate the pregnancy (Berglund 6). Arguments against Abortion (Example Iran) From a moral stand point, abortion is an unacceptable practice since it terminates the life of a fetus thereby denying it the right to live, considering that if allowed to grow it will develop in to a human being just like the mother and father. It is a practice that should be illegal in Iran where it is currently restricted by the law. In 2005, a bill was passed to legalize abortion on the basis of fetal abnormalities or if it endangers the life of the mother. The mother’s consent with the approval of three registered physicians is enough to secure approval by a legal medicine center. However, the law requires the legal abortion to be procured before 19 weeks of gestation (Mohammad & Masoumeh 191). Kant’s Deontology Theory Kant’s deontology theory portrays good will as a significant component of people’s actions. According to this theory, the reason why people act in a particular manner substantiates whether an individual’s action has moral worth. He observes that there is a notable distinction between actions that are morally right and morally wrong. According to this theory, abortion that is procured through good will is morally right. For example, morally good actions include a situation whereby a qualified physician recommends an abortion to protect the life of the mother (Strawson 27). On the other hand, a mother who procures an abortion to enable her to undertake greater tasks in the workplace or to look better is in pursuit of personal interests at the expense of the ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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