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Fiduciary duties and acquisition - Case Study Example

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Name Module Date Fiduciary duties and acquisition In assessing the current position NoTime is at, there are different factors that should be taken into consideration so as to establish the correct decisions that need to be made. For instance, the purpose of sale is an important factor to take into consideration when analyzing the current position of the company…
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Fiduciary duties and acquisition
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Download file to see previous pages The outstanding securities in the company are also an important factor to take into consideration. What is the condition and classification of these securities? It is clear to note that the company is up for sale for the purpose of fiduciary duties. One of the most important aspects to note about the company’s history is the fact that the company has been growing. In the event the managers should think about the option of sale, they will be giving up on a good investment. The company has been growing to new heights every other year. This is evident from the stock market and the prices of shares. The growth rate of the company stands out with regards to the market and the internal relations. The firm has instituted an educational program for their employees that seek to address important issues with regards to the manner in which they conduct business and relate with other clients. Growth is one of the areas that display the company’s strengths. Through growth, the company has been able to establish a good market for its products as well as improving its stability. With regards to technology, the company has an extraordinary portfolio. The company’s competencies have been aligned alongside the needs of the customers. The company has a wide variety of customers and continues to increase its customer base through the provision of quality services. The applications provided for by the company range from cyberspace and undersea to outer space and improved military systems. Some of the services provided for by the company include global security, health information systems, missile defense systems, command and control systems, unmanned aerial vehicles, advanced radar systems, large scale intelligence information systems, civil government and public safety information systems, high energy laser systems, and satellites for a wide variety of missions. Through these services, the organization has been able to establish one of the largest client bases through an extensive market. This provides for the growth of the company as well expansion of the operations being conducted by the company. One of the strengths of the company is the manner with which it addresses future expansion. The company is defining future systems through assessing their underlying technologies. The company is focused on addressing the next generation security needs. Through innovation, the company has been able to work on improving their current aerial systems. The company is working towards the development of the future generation of secure and unmanned aerial systems. These advancements are also focused on the establishment of the long range bombers and the space radar systems. The company can be able to shift the course of the organization through preventing the hostile offer. The hostile offer is concerned with the acquisition of the company through the cash considerations. The relationship that has been established between the company and its clients is also important in the analysis. The company has set up various ways through which the clients are able to communicate with the company’s administration. The company has also ensured that relevant measures are taken to ensure that communication within the different departments and divisions is made efficient. The relationship between the employees and the employer is maintained at high standards. This ensures that the management has an easy time managing ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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