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Data privacy in online business (using the example of - Dissertation Example

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Consumers have been very uneasy about the privacy of their personal information in the online marketplace, the Therefore, the purpose of this study was to determine the extent to which the privacy policy incorporated the fair information practice principles. …
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Data privacy in online business (using the example of
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Download file to see previous pages The range of opinions regarding the privacy policy ranges from positive to apprehensive and negative. The evaluators generally felt that overall the policy is fair, with some exceptions. The opt-out policy for sharing private information with other third parties is unclear. According to some evaluators, the consumer is given the impression that does not welcome comments or questions regarding their privacy policy. The link to the policy on each page of the Web site is very small and located at the very bottom of the page, some of which are quite lengthy. In addition, the consumer is instructed within the policy that they are accepting the privacy policy practices just by visiting Table of Contents Chapter One: Introduction Introduction The Internet provides a new means to transmit information over networks. Information can be delivered quickly and economically anywhere. Its ability to increase access to information and entertainment resources has attracted many people. The Internet has become a major source of global information and a marketplace for commercial transactions. It is now spreading a variety of activities quickly and widely. The Internet is particularly attractive to service providers who can use it to reach business partners and customers around the globe at minimal cost. Business companies can now conduct electronic commerce to buy and sell information, products, and services via the Internet. (Alesso & Smith, 2008). The Internet supports business transactions over a digital infrastructure/ and has become a virtual marketplace. This virtual marketplace has in turn become the focus of investments and business. The Internet is an efficient channel for advertising, marketing, and distribution of information goods and services (Schneider, 2006). It is estimated to reduce one fourth of direct marketing costs on the Internet (Donna et al., 2000). Online commercial practices become more efficient as marketing on the Web results in "10 times as many units [sold] with 1/10 the advertising budget" (Porter, 1994: p. 1). The growth of electronic commerce has been impressive. Entrepreneurs can not only communicate and make transactions with their partners through the Internet (the so-called business-to-business marketplace, or B2B), but they can also communicate, provide services, and/or sell products through the Internet to customers. The latter kind of transactions attracts attention because selling and marketing products on the Internet to customers offer several advantages that traditional media or communication devices cannot offer (Cheeseman, 2009). In addition, current technologies put Internet users' navigation and purchasing activities under the surveillance of the business companies they visited within their own Web sites. Those companies can collect personal information about the users, and then use or sell the information. The Internet therefore has become a perfect channel for direct selling, marketing, and advertising because it enables business companies and advertisers to reach potential targeted customers. Privacy Concerns The ability of firms to gather end-users' personal information and preferences raises privacy concerns. Several surveys and studies have shown that the public is concerned about their online privacy (Norris, 2001). Countries all over ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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(Data Privacy in Online Business (using the Example of Amazon.Com) Dissertation)
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