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Communication and Language Development - Assignment Example

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This paper highlights that as a teaching assistant at St. James Hatchman Primary School, the reporter was able to do an exercise with the toddlers, ages from three years old to five years old. The reporter worked with a maximum of four children within the given fifteen-minute period…
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Communication and Language Development
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Download file to see previous pages The exercise lasted for one hour and forty minutes, including the cleaning up time. I also had to communicate the exercise with the teacher-in-charge of the children.
List the books, articles, national and local policies and guidance, documents, and websites you have used to support your assignment (use Harvard referencing). Please note you do not need a lengthy bibliography - include only the main references that you have drawn on for this assignment.
The number of words you can use for this assignment is 1250-1500 words. You need to write at least the minimum number of words and may exceed the maximum by ten percent.
Refer closely to the full instructions for this assignment when writing. Please use the following template to structure your assignment. In the right-hand column, record the principal standards you have demonstrated. Use the reference numbers 1.1 to 8.5.
a. Summarise and reflect on the development of children’s communication and language development from birth to five years. Demonstrate your underpinning knowledge and the sources you have referred to in developing that knowledge.
From birth to the first year, children must be surrounded by sounds and language that can be from parents, rhymes, or songs. Aside from this, it is essential that the children know the meaning of the sounds and words in order for the children to be conscious of sounds. With this, I personally communicated with the children and tried to create the common sounds in their environment. I was able to use animal sounds in order to refer to the common animals found in their environment. In addition, children develop their language skills during the second year. Children name an object such as a toy in relation to the sound acquainted with it. In this stage, the language of children helps them to think and understand experiences and strengthen their emotion and behavior. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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