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Description of Websites about Language Development - Assignment Example

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The author describes the websites about language development such as Literacy Trust.Org which about early language development, Nidcd.Nih.Gov which a very detailed account of the step-by-step processes of the language development milestones, Speech-Lanague-Therapy.Com, Learner.Org, Sldc.Net. …
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Description of Websites about Language Development
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Download file to see previous pages Henceforth, the website brings forward serious issues about early language development in children. It specifically focuses on empirical studies to foster the viewpoint regarding the importance of early language development in children. For example, the website provides empirically found data about child-mother/adult interaction and the salient features of those interactions.
Moreover, this website addresses the parents of a child to pay attention to the language development processes of a child so that any discrepancy can be noted and compensated because according to this webpage, "Speech and language are tools that humans use to communicate or share thoughts, ideas, and emotions". The website is highly interactive as it elaborates on concerned points in question-answer format and provokes the reader to go through the simply put linguistic details about language development and its scope.
Speech-language-therapy is a very technical website with regard to the issues of language development. The head-organizer of this website, Caroline Bowden (Ph.D., speech-language pathologist) gives a detailed research account in connection with language development processes. The Dr. has listed a number of research-based articles on a number of issues with relation to early language development.
It is a very sophisticated website basically focusing on human psychology the understanding of the complex psychological processes. However, this very website also examines in acute scientific detail the language development patterns in a human being. It links the early language development of a child to the very complex psychological development and mental growth in humans.  ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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