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Communication between the X-Ray and the A&E Department - Dissertation Example

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In the paper “Communication between the X-Ray and the A&E Department” the author highlights the ultimate importance of healthy inter-professional relationships in the hospitals because the lives of many patients literally depend on effective communication skills…
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Communication between the X-Ray and the A&E Department
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Extract of sample "Communication between the X-Ray and the A&E Department"

Download file to see previous pages 5. The protocol is to be implemented using a change management model since it is an effort towards improvement in quality and proficiency. Steps are to be taken which effectively help in linking planning to implementation.
6. Critical discussion is also presented in the report which underlines the major reasons why doctors and radiographers find it difficult or impossible to communicate with each other in the emergency situation especially.
The main purpose of this report is to identify the major reasons that prove to be hurdles in the path of effective communication. The identification of those reasons is highly important because no problem can be solved without enumeration of the basic causes. Lack of enough time and overloading of patients along with professional prejudice prove to be major reasons for poor communication between radiographers and doctors. Ineffective communication is heavily reflective of lethal medication errors that prove to be the leading cause of unnecessary delays in patient care and treatment, insufficient radiation exposure to the patients, improper use of imaging technology facilities, prenatal deaths, and injuries, and is the second leading cause for patient falls (JCAHO, 2006). A very important fact is mentioned in a report that is about how medication errors can be reduced in the hospitals according to which, “between 44,000 and 98,000 people die each year as a result of all types of medical errors.” (Patel, 2004). The ultimate importance of communication is suggested by almost every person because it lays the foundation for good results unequivocally. Actually, the basic characteristics of good inter-professional communication need to be understood but, despite many efforts to develop healthy and bias-free relationships in the hospital setups. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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