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Both Robert Loomis and Strauss-Gabel are established book editors of their generation. The paper "Editing Practices of Robert Loomis and Strauss-Gabel" explains that the editing practices and approaches between the two editors cum publishers are inconsistent…
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Editing Practices of Robert Loomis and Strauss-Gabel
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Extract of sample "Editing Practices of Robert Loomis and Strauss-Gabel"

Journalism, mass media and communication of Comparing Editing Practices Both Robert Loomis and Strauss-Gabel are established book editors of their generation. They have worked with many authors and for the case of Loomis, he has been come to be known as one of the editors in the publishing hall of fame. Straus-Gabel on her case is established in editing of young adults books that have been bestsellers (Baskette &Jack 132).
The editing practices and approaches between the two editors cum publishers are inconsistent. It is because they practiced editing at different generations and times. Loomis practiced editing earlier than Strauss-Gabel, who is to date actively involved in editing. Loomis approached the practice of editing in a classic and old-fashioned. His approach was understated as well as uncanny, polite as well as persistent and fierce/tough as well as tender. His approach in the practice of editing was thus diametrically opposed to that employed by Strauss-Gabel, which was less old-fashioned but instead more modern. She approached editing in a manner that was strictly tough, intimidating and offered stinging critiques. She believed it was the only way to get the best result from editing. Loomis, on the other hand, had a look warm approach of neither tough nor soft (Norton 67).
In my view, the two editors shared a common strategy of getting the best results by actively collaborating with the writer. Their editing practices, approaches, and techniques were aimed at working collaboratively with authors in the development phases of the books. It was to make sure that the editing and design of the book were best suited to for its marketing. It led to them becoming highly sought after by many authors. Their editing practices stood out from the rest and were highly successful. Their strategies and approach to the practice of editing has enabled them nurture writers and be a mentor for fellow editors in the general industry of publishing (Ojha 122)
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