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It often overshadows real inner qualities and values of a person because in its nature people like to judge things in a superficial way without proper critical thinking. Personal appearance attracts visually and don’t need time to become…
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Reflection Paper 4
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“Personal appearance” Personal appearance is very necessary. It often overshadows real inner qualities and values of a person because in its nature people like to judge things in a superficial way without proper critical thinking. Personal appearance attracts visually and don’t need time to become familiar with it. That is because one second is enough to see someone’s face, color of the eyes or dress. I am friendly myself and inside I’m always open for other people. However if I wanted to look friednlier than I really am my first move would be trying to employ face like that one which waiters, porters or receptionists have. In other words a face that looks open, alive with a wide smile that says “you’re welcome” (Marshall & Jackson & Sue 2004). Smarter look can be achieved with a pair of glasses and concentrated, meditated look with focusing on some exact object. You could also read a book or newspaper (Sherrow 2001). To look liberal it is best to know how to listen to others and give them time to freely express their thoughts and from my side it would be fair to honor other’s point of view. That is liberal. Wealth can be achieved with accessories like watch, cigarette case, shiny lighter, cool look and busy face like you’re waiting for some important meeting on the matter of serious business. All this details can be achiieved with such aspects of personal appearance as expression of the face, manner of talking, sitting, standing, walking etc. In other words anything serves the purpose and everything is important. It’s all necessary to become a more competent communicator because people like and feel more open to talk to the successful, happy looking, spectacular or in general cool people (Rumsey & Harcourt 2005). But what is most important and it’s a simple truth is inner good because while all the outer things can be managed with right skills, inner respectful condition can only be achieved with real values because after first appearance they will continue the work which was started by the simple good looking.
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