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It is true that studying this theory would be helpful for understanding the human relations through interpersonal communication. It is…
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Uncertainty Reduction Theory Critique
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Affiliation: Uncertainty Reduction Theory Critique The uncertainty reduction theory has been to discussionsin many articles and studies relating to communication and social relations. It is true that studying this theory would be helpful for understanding the human relations through interpersonal communication. It is apparent that each individual has for once been confronted with some form of uncertainty. At an initial encounter with a stranger, one would most likely opt to learn and understand the other new person to reduce uncertainty (Littlejohn & Foss 51). Learning a new person also helps at building some mutual trust before engaging in any involving task. However, I have come to realize that this is only the short term goal. The long-term goal of the entire process is to gain some related benefits.
Having said that, I think maximizing relational outcomes is the ideal motivator when people encounter new people. The majority of human beings are motivated into gaining more information about other people simply because of maximizing on the relational outcomes. It is because almost all people tend to be less interested in others that have little significance to their lives. For example, an average or poor performing academic student will tend to gain information about another top performing student not for reducing uncertainty, but for gaining academic related benefits. In another example, a political candidate will choose a running mate, not because good friendship, but because of amassing more votes that would eventually help the pair at winning the elections.
Due to our current life situation, we approach new people to fulfill an emotional, psychological or physiological need. Basing on the same concept, our group picked on the primary motivator in class because we want to maximize on the relational outcome. We made that choice because we want someone that is more like a role model and one that will help us through our emotional, psychological and physiological needs. Making such choice makes more sense than uncertainty reduction theory in that learning and understanding a person does not entirely add value to another person’s life. Therefore, it is justified to conclude that people are motivated by rewards or associated benefits they would gain from a new person they encounter.
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