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Critical Process - Term Paper Example

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Violence on the TV, in films and books, comics and cartoons nowadays is a common thing which bothers almost nobody. But not completely nobody because if so there wouldn’t be any difficulties and…
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Critical Process Paper
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Download file to see previous pages Due to this analysis the most truthful opinion is that videogames inspire and cultivate aggressive behaviour not any more or less than other forms of media like television or internet. This statement was a basis on which video games already received a First Amendment protection during the attempt of state government of California to forbid selling violent videogames to minors. Nevertheless despite the victory of videogames in that battle, though it gave them equal rights with other media, the main war is still raging on. Doctors, researchers and most of all immoderately and excessively careful and anxious parents seek to find right tactics to blame videogames in the wrong behaviour of their children. Such scenario slowly moves but still parents themselves are more responsible for any problems that they have with their children and videogames have nothing to do about it.
As for the other types of media they are more independent and not so young as videogames. For those who don’t know it may be interesting that nowadays there is a serious discussion on the matter of giving videogames a status of art. This requires more significant and attentive look from the government, producers of videogames and customers. Books, movies and films are strictly categorized by the level of age and also a lot of other restrictions and requirements (for example aspersion and slander towards other person must not take place in any media). Therefore, by connecting with the world of real media and art videogames must be of a high level. The rate of the game is not similar to the rate of violence in it. Violence is just an extra option because a majority of all games need one player or a team of players to conquer, smash, beat or simply make lose the other player or team of players. Most of the games follow the jungle rule of the survival of the fittest (eat or be eaten). Such parents` concern about the ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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