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The effects of tobacco advertising on youths - Research Paper Example

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Tobacco use has significant implications for the social and economic aspects of the youth. Despite various measures that have been taken to reduce the use of tobacco among the youth, tobacco is still…
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The effects of tobacco advertising on youths
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Extract of sample "The effects of tobacco advertising on youths"

Download file to see previous pages In addition, the images in various advertisements relate tobacco smoking with accomplishment, liberty and as a way of relaxing (Farrelly et. al., 2001). Youthful age is considered as an age whereby individuals engage in experimentation process with various things. Therefore, tobacco use is depicted as alluring through the process of advertising, which is appealing to most youths. Furthermore, the media through various forms of adverting plays a role in terms of exposing the youth to tobacco use. Most advertising companies engage in the use of celebrities to promote various tobacco brands. Hence, the youth who mostly associate with celebrities are lured into smoking through advertising with this kind of advertising. Various reports have indicated the fact that the youth are considered as being more approachable to various forms of tobacco advertisements as compared to adults. The forms of advertising that are use by various companies involve print and promotional form of advertising. In addition, newspapers, magazines, and posters have been used by the tobacco industry as a media of advertising (Reddy, 2006).
The youthful period is regarded as a very crucial period of an individuals life. The actions of individuals during this stage greatly affect their future in terms of development and their careers. The youthful mainly illustrated by various passionate acts that can either be positive or negative in nature. During this stage, an individual engages in the process of experimentation with everything within their proximity. Tobacco smoking among the youth is considered as a vice that has far-reaching implications in terms of both the health and economic aspects. The main driving force to youth tobacco smoking is the advertisement that is mainly utilized by the tobacco industry (Pollay et. al., 1996). Therefore, advertising is considered as a powerful tool that is highly persuasive, especially among the youth. The process of advertising through ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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