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The author tells about the most interesting television program which he/she watches every day Make it Pop. The program is comical and musical, and this makes it be very interesting. It is shown from Monday to Friday on Nickelodeon. It is segmented into twenty episodes that are aired every weekday.  …
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Television Programs and Cultural Identity
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Television Programs and Cultural Identity Television Programs and Cultural Identity Introduction The most interesting television program I find interesting and watch almost every day is Make it Pop. The program is both comical and musical, and this makes it be very interesting. It is regularly shown from Monday to Friday on Nickelodeon. It is segmented into twenty episodes that are aired every weekday.
First, a bigger percentage of the main characters are youths just like me. The language thought pattern and actions shows fit my situation. As a young person, I would want to listen and watch an episode where the issues raised directly affect me or I have encountered. The theme of the program revolves around love, music, and friendship both in school and outside. Relationship building is one thing that I struggle with on a daily basis. Issues such as betrayal by a friend are some of the challenges that people of my age get every day and having a program that illuminates such is very important. I feel like the situations. What I go through is also experienced by others.
The norms and values portrayed in Make it Pop are exactly those that real youth culture provides. There is a specific ay in which different genders are supposed to behave or respond to certain situations in the environment. For example, the program shows how young ladies typically behave in the presences of men and vice versa.
The program, as seen, profoundly serves to magnify me as a young adult whose behaviors corresponds those that are shown. It goes beyond and provides some healthy tips on how to maneuver certain situations. Read More
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