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Final Project: Sports Organization Communication Proposal - Assignment Example

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Communication acts as a foundation of all aspects of an organization. Effective Communication is the building block of many organizations. . Communication acts as a resource of information and facilitates the decision…
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Final Project: Sports Organization Communication Proposal
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Download file to see previous pages Communication facilitates development of an individual’s attitude. A well informed individual will always portray a good attitude compared to a less informed one. Effective communication can create a culture of customer ambassador. Well informed workforce talk about their organizations products, culture and services and its reaction to any problems. The great role they can play is to act as ambassadors to the society, and other business associates. Employees can also be trusted sources of detailed information about rival organizations products. Effective communication furthermore encourages strong relationships. Loyalty and trust are vital aspects in any association and both are improved by communication that concentrates on relaying on crucial information and offering positive responses to achieve personal needs.
Poor communication occurs in any business environment. An organization may be faced with the following problems if effective communication is not adopted. Lower efficiency; whether oral or written poor communication can hinder the productivity of employees in an organization, for instance letters that need approval, unnotified meetings or presentations and unclear emails that need explanation. Therefore employees become less encouraged in performing their duties. Organizational communication skills affect the moral of its workforce. A highly collaborative and communicative business environment encourages employee creativity, inspiration and output. Poor communication demotivates the workforce because they will be required to attend boring dull meetings where they are issued unclear orders on assignments causing confusion. Poor communication can lead to the decline in innovation. In a situation where employees are less motivated they will be incapable of handling organizations vital projects which in turn cripples the business capacity ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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