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I have also interacted with some members of the IB program and from the way they talk, it seems most of them are not happy with the program which makes me wonder why they selected it. However, I have also met some IB students who are very positive about the program and are very…
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Reply two classmate
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Replies to posts Reply Hi Angelee, I have also interacted with some members of the IB program and from the way they talk, it seems most of them are not happy with the program which makes me wonder why they selected it. However, I have also met some IB students who are very positive about the program and are very glad to have considered it. I would really wish to know if you have also interacted with any IB student who expresses a positive opinion of the program. I am not in running start but I have heard some students in the program complaining a lot about it which confirms what you have just said on constructed identities. Do you have any negative thoughts about your program or have you interacted with any of your classmate who has a negative opinion of the program?
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Hi Jeremiah Oropeza,
You seem to have very positive opinion of running start and I think it is mainly because you are in the program. Have you thought of how you would have viewed running start if you were initially enrolled in another program? I have thought positively about my program and that has kept me going despite some of the challenges associated with it. I can identify very closely with you in relation to your view of your program. Do you think you have gained high self-esteem as a result of undertaking running start? You should try not to express such an opinion in the presence of students taking other programs as that will make them feel negative of themselves and end up developing low self-esteem. Read More
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Reply Two Classmate Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 Words.
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