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Keon West, human beings are described as social beings who define themselves by the groups in which they find themselves. My group is that of heterosexual in relation to sexual orientation and the group that I regard as the relevant out-group are the…
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Your Words in Action
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Intergroup Bias theory According to Dr. Keon West, human beings are described as social beings who define themselves by the groups in which they find themselves. My group is that of heterosexual in relation to sexual orientation and the group that I regard as the relevant out-group are the homosexuals. I have negative thoughts about members of this group. I personally consider them to be against the norms and expectations of the society. I deeply believe that these people are shaming the society due to their weird behavior which should not be tolerated in the society. I have prejudged every member of that group as being less concerned with the general expectations of the society since their conduct seem unethical to me. From the talk by Dr. Keon, I think I have demonstrated biasness in my conversation with members of this group.
Constructed Identities relates to the inner believes and opinions that we develop of ourselves and other people. We tend to view the world based on our personal understanding and approach. Our understanding of ourselves is shaped by those we interacted and the experiences that we undergo from a tender age. We construct our own identities based on the type of people we live with, watch on the television, listen to on radio and finally those we tend to emulate. Constructed identity may tend to limit people from being who they are or failing to living to their own expectations. An example of constructed identity is a case of a person wanting to become a doctor after seeing how they assist people in the hospital and on the media.
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Your Words in Action Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 Words.
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