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Concepts and Usage of Simple Present Tense for Describing Habitual Actions - Coursework Example

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"Concepts and Usage of Simple Present Tense for Describing Habitual Actions" paper makes an understanding in this particular area of grammar. The paper looks into this area with all its dimensions such as the definition and meaning of various sentence types…
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Concepts and Usage of Simple Present Tense for Describing Habitual Actions
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Extract of sample "Concepts and Usage of Simple Present Tense for Describing Habitual Actions"

Download file to see previous pages A particular sense of a language expresses the time of an action whether it be present, past or future. In English, change in verb form differentiates various tenses and subsequently brings about a change in the meaning conveyed. However, some languages do not follow this rule. For example, in Chinese, tense is not expressed by a change in verb or auxiliary, but by the use of adverbs of time. In all languages, grammarians always plunge into a heated discourse about the exact number of tenses in their languages. Even though some modern grammarians speak only of two tenses in English, their counterparts divide the tense form in English into three: present tense, past tense, and future tense. The present tense is primarily used to refer to actions, conditions, or states that occur in the present. The present tense is divided into present simple, present progressive or present continuous, present perfect, and present perfect progressive.

Simple Present Tense, just as the word indicates, is the simplest form of the tense. To formulate a sentence in this sense, one needs to use the simple present form of the verb with the subject (subject+ present tense form of the verb). Every tense has its own usages. We use the simple present tense in the following situations:
E.g., ‘I understand French’, ‘I see an airplane’, and not ‘I am seeing an airplane’. The verbs in simple present tense should agree with its subject in number and person. Generally, a singular subject takes a singular verb and plural subjects to take plural verbs. But in the case of Simple Present Tense one needs to use the singular form of the verb only with the third person singular pronouns (he, she, it) and their corresponding noun forms (such as Arnold, Catherine, My mother, His friend, her uncle, the dog, etc). Thus, a third-person singular subject always takes a singular verb, that is, it uses –s form of the verb.  ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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(Concepts and Usage of Simple Present Tense for Describing Habitual Coursework, n.d.)
Concepts and Usage of Simple Present Tense for Describing Habitual Coursework.
(Concepts and Usage of Simple Present Tense for Describing Habitual Coursework)
Concepts and Usage of Simple Present Tense for Describing Habitual Coursework.
“Concepts and Usage of Simple Present Tense for Describing Habitual Coursework”.
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