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The paper “Concepts of Effective Active Learning” presents ideas of the scientists who suggested the law of effect, the law of exercise, functionalism theory with a stimulus-response component which guaranteed memorization of the studied material due to repetition and consolidation in practice. …
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Concepts of Effective Active Learning
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Download file to see previous pages John Dewey, author of the School and Society and Experience and Education among others, is one of the key theorists of instructional technology. He established Chicago Laboratory School, one of the first of its kind, to test his educational theories and their social implications. Let us find out more about his contributions and their impact on society. 
John Dewey: I have developed several educational theories for the purpose of having better and more efficient teaching methods. Ever since I have been against authoritarian methods of teaching and I believe that teachers should have a greater role than just teaching or merely educating the students- they should be role models who also inspire the youth who are under their supervision. I also believe that including things that interest children the most is a better motivation than using rewards and punishments in teaching.
I have come up with something that I refer to as informal education which promotes the involvement and exposure of students to activities that could help them gain experience, and stimulate their thinking skills and be able to reflect on the significance of the undergone activities. This way, learning will be more than just fun and amusing, but also something that could better prepare the students for the future. The learning theory I have developed came to be known as functionalism and it encouraged mental testing and stressed studies of adaptive behavior (Clark, 1999). 
Interviewer: John Dewey, indeed has contributed much to the development of instructional technology. The educational theory he has developed is still used in a lot of educational institutions today. And after having understood Mr. Dewey’s contribution, it is now time to look at the case in another perspective and learn about another leader in the field. Here is the man who supported Mr. Dewey’s theory of functionalism and has strongly advocated educational measurement, Mr. Edward L. Thorndike. What do you think are your most important contributions to instructional technology? ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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